(CAP) New York Cheesecake

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I just wanted a vanilla custard... So I made one.

Wanted to share my all time favourite custard. Got to try its that good I promise. Let it steep try some along the way Enjoy!

*I added 1.5% (TFA) Cotton Candy

My ADV, a plain simple strawberry cheesecake that I never get bored.

*If you want more strawberries, add 1% on tfa strawberry or feel free to tweak however you like!


That same great SNV/few days steep Custard Now base, but with some added OOMPH due to the addition of CAP Sugar Cookie and WF SC Vanilla Cream Extra. Both provide some more body and a deeper vanilla to the mix. Also increased INW Custard a half percent because this is Custard Now, Loaded, baby.

Flavorful and competitive with shelf juice. Raise Super Sweet to 1% for a nice steep. 2% ripe and 4% sweet strawberry another small tweak to try.


This is the BEST Strawberry Cheesecake recipe I've made to date! A nice natural cheesecake base smothered with a strawberry compote with pieces of strawberry mixed into the sauce.

Cheesecake base: WF Strawberry Cheesecake, CAP NY Cheesecake, FW Graham Cracker

Strawberry 🍓 Compote: WF Strawberry Gummy Candy (the syrup), FA Juicy Strawberry, TPA Strawberry Ripe (provides the fresh strawberry pieces)

Give it a mix & let me know what you think 🧐 3 days is enough for it to meld but I'm sure it'll only get better with more time...🤤🤤🤤 Sweetener is a necessity for me but feel free to add or remove your own... Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do!👊😃


A unique take on an old profile, 60 Hz is a syrupy strawberry custard with the kiss of sweet honey.

Strawberry mutes rejoice (I'm not one of them, but I wanted this recipe to be accessible). The three strawberries here should, in theory, present themselves to even those who have a hard time detecting strawberry in mixes. FLV Alpine Strawberry, WF Strawberry (Baked), and JF Sweet Strawberry bring a deep, dark strawberry to the fold. Strawberry (Baked), with its honey backend also serves as the secret ingredient in the mix.

TPA Vanilla Custard II is a fantastic new-ish vanilla custard. It rivals the boring ass original TPA Vanilla Custard with more body....well more everything. CAP NYC is in here to bolster that creaminess. It serves a place in almost all creamy/custard mixes. FLV Rich Cinnamon morphs the custard with a slight spicy warmness.

Let this one steep a couple weeks. The honey takes the forefront and kills the custard notes until then.

One more from the Yuno base except the OOo Undertones was dropped a bit.

This is an eggnog cream/shake/milk.

FLV Eggnog is the eggnog.

Now, I tried all kinds of cookies, caramel, and other brown stuff, but OOO Corn Bread is perfect. I wanted a thicker, breadish note without anything to dark messing it up.

Americana is a classic New york Cheesecake with a delicious strawberry topping and a buttery graham cookie base.

Wf Strawberry Cheesecake is super good, has a great cheesy note, a great graham base and a good strawberry.
The only issue is that the strawberry just appears in the finish, so here comes VTA Strawberry Jam that gives the top sweet strawberry note.

CAP New York Cheescake adds richness to the cheesecake part while Fw Graham Cracker and VTA Butter Base help with the buttery graham base.


I love Cheesecake, and made this with Bananas, but it needed something else and Chocolate was just calling out to me.. Was talking to my friend ID10-T and his ingenious Idea to drizzle it in butterscotch was well, Da Bomb!!! But in the first version as Wayne said it was a tad muddled and just didn't have the Cheesy in the Cheesecake.Well here it is the best in my humble opinion, Chocolate Banana Cheesecake Drizzled in Butterscotch! Tastes good right off but after a 3 day steep delish however its Divine after 7 days!

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