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(DFS) AR Peanut (PG)

By: DIY Flavor Shack (DFS) - Buy Direct

Used in 4 recipes at an average of 0.625%.


1 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


This is a really unique peanut butter Cookie Flavor.
The TFA Peanut butter is a must when making a peanut butter cookie flavor as it gives that perfect peanut butter taste.
TFA Bavarian cream gives off a nice sweet flavor that works well in the recipe to really layer it up and give a nice creamy taste to it.
FA Merigue gives the eggy texture that you must have in a cookie.
Cap sugar cookie is my go to cookie flavor for making the a cookie flavor. This flavor makes any cookie recipe feel like you just came from moms house after her baking fresh baked cookies.
FA caramel really helps to make TFA peanut butter really pop and give off awesome flavor.
Inw The biscuit adds to make it have that nice pastry note and gives the recipe a nice tart to it without overpowering it.
DFS peanut Really gives the nuttiness and saltiness of a peanut butter cookie.
Cap French vanilla adds the vanilla flavoring that really makes the cookie a cookie.
You can add one drop of Cap super sweet per 30 ml to sweeten if you like.

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