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(DFS) French Vanilla

By: DIY Flavor Shack (DFS) - Buy Direct

Used in 64 recipes at an average of 2.329%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Just a delicious sweet dessert type vape. If you like it sweet you love this. Just messing around with flavors. Taste so good.

i Was loooking for something sweet to make. Lately I’ve been on this dessert vape kick. So I decided to mess around a make a nice frosted Cupcake with some sweet goodness.

TFA Vanilla Cupcake : Such a great flavor that works so well to build that nice moist cupcake taste with nice vanilla notes.
FLV vanilla Pudding.: This flavor is just such a great flavor perfect in so many desserts. I brings that nice creamy feeling to the recipe while adding a bit of wetness.
Cap: French vanilla or DiyFS french vanilla. just adds a bit more creamy vanilla flavor to recipe. If using caps give it extra day or two to steep.
FW : Butterscoth This Flavor is just reall delicious when mixed low brings that sweet flavor that you would taste in a Donut or a nice balanced cupcake.
FW Buttterscoth Ripple: This works well with the butterscoth to give a bit more richness to the cupcake and plays well with FW Butterscotch.
FLV Frosting: This Flavor provides the nice icing flavor that you want on a real cupcake. It just adds that perfect amount of sweetness.
Inw biscuit used this to add a bit of texture to the recipe authenticity of a real cupcake.
Cap Supersweet: This Flavor is optional but I like it as it adds just a bit more sweetness that I love in a recipe.
I mixed this up at 70/30 and it taste good after a shake. I steeped for 5 days and it’s just so delicious everything just blends together so well to make the perfect sweet creamy Cupcake. Give it a try , I absolutely love it.

This is a nice well balanced textured Peanutbutter and chocolate cupcake. Taste Good on the Shake. Great after 3 day steep. Mixed at 60/40. Nice and sweet just like I want it to be. Plus this uses my absolute favorite chocolate concentrate. If you.
Never had inw Chocolate Cream it’s. A must have.

Just best damn strawberry Cheescake ice cream vape. Taste is a ripened strawberry flavor. balanced to perfection from what you from real Strawberries. If you decide to mix this wonderful Strawberry Cheesecake recipe up, you will probaly never want to mix another strawberry cheesecake recipe again. It’s that Good. Absolutely awesome after that three day Steep. Mixed at 60/40 Steep 3 days. You can sub DFS French vanilla with Cap French Vanilla, just steep a few days longer to get rid of the chemical taste Cap puts off to start. The raspberry sweet really makes the flavors of this recipe burst.


This is my Adv. I vape about 180 ml of this a week. Mostly in the fall thru the winter. Very good with coffee. I like it off the bat. But it seems to age very well. After 5 days very good. Mix at 60/40. Been making this recipe for about 5 years. Absolutely my all time favorite vape. Give it a try. It's nice and sweet. Taste like a wonderful light vanilla caramel coffee. The biscuit is optional. I just like it cause it adds a bit of grain to the texture that I enjoy.

This is a great Strawberry Cheescake Recipe. Just messing around with LB Strawberry cheesecake for first time, Absolutely love this mix. TFA Dragronfruit Really makes this recipe Awesome. Be ready to try a strawberry Milk with an astounding taste the Red touch adds to make it more of an authentic strawberry flavor adding a nice tartness of a real strawberry. Great as a Shake N vape. Steeped 2 days and it's complete bliss. Sweetener is optional. Tried with Cap super sweet and FLV Sweetness. I prefer Supersweet you might prefer FLV Sweetness.

This is a well balanced rich Strawberry Cream Milkshake.
Holy Vanilla is such a great Vanilla that gives off a a Dark rich vanilla cream flavor.
Diy FS French vanilla is so good it's very creamy and has notes of vanilla and butterscotch to me which works so well in a milk shake
Cap vanilla bean ice cream is smooth vanilla flavor that makes the milkshake taste great.
Cap butter cream is just such an amazing flavor that gives a nice sweet cream flavor almost frosting like.
TFA Marshmallow brings in some fluffiness to the recipe while adding to the sweet flavor.
Strawberry ripe really brings in that nice tarty strawberry flavor and really make the recipe sing.
Shisha strawberry is so sweet and yummy and adds to make the strawberry work so well together to really get that authentic strawberry ice cream flavor. Taste great as a Shake and Vape. For best results steep 7 days.

This is a nice sweet Apple and cream cake. The creams blend together to give a nice creamy mouthfeel. The vanillas work together to bring out the cake and the holy adds a little bit more richness to the recipe without overpowering it. The frosting combined with the meringue adds a perfect amount of sweetness. Thebcatalan cream gives it a tiny bit of spicyness to the cake to add to the Fuji apple true authenticity. I added 1 drop of rich cinnamon per 30 ml to give that perefect spiced note. The super sweet is optional, but I like my deserts sweets so I added it to make it taste great right from the Shake. Give this a full 7-10 days to steep for everything to come together.

Just a nice delectable full bodied vanilla RY4 with some amazing smoky caramel taste that has a well balance of flavor to make the perfect Peanutbutter RY4. Best after 7 day steep.

Tastes like a powdered raspberry jelly filled doughnut.
The inw raspberry really sets off the fa raspberry

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