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(FW) Tangerine

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 38 recipes at an average of 1.581%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is a very good Orange Creamsicle that utilizes Nicotine River's Smooth NicSalt.
Intended for Pods, MTL devices and RTA's etc.
I used 18mg/ml of the NicSalt and It's as smooth as silk. I can DL hit it in my Nord with very little throat hit.
You can actually taste the Orange and Nectarine that leads to a nice creamy finish.
The best part is that it's not harsh at all.
Pretty great for only 16% of the mix being the aromas. I'm very happy with it.


I wanted a nice warm, subtly spiced apple cider. I could drink those little cider packets by the gallon during the winter. I find that most "jug" cider has a metallic taste so I usually prefer the packets unless I open up the wallet for the really good pressed cider.

Hangsen Apple Mix is my new favorite concentrate for apple cider mixes. It's a little artificial so I add some crisp authentic apple with FA Fuji. The liquid amber turns them both a little more towards cooked and adds some depth and warmth.

TFA Brown Sugar is here to mingle with the inherent darkness in Liquid Amber and turn it a bit sweet and slightly caramelized.

The obvious choice for cinnamon is the king, FLV Rich Cinnamon. I use it super low here so it doesn't take over the mix and just accents it.

The Apple Mix, Fuji and Rich Cinnamon together can go a bit in the dry direction so I'm boosting the juiciness with FA Pear. It also adds just a little depth to the apple.

I like a little orange zest simmered with my warm spiced apple cider. It brightens up the apples and accents the cinnamon really well. I chose FW Tangerine because it's a subtle sweet tangerine that doesn't bully other flavors. It does the job of brightening this mix without being obvious.

This is good shake and vape but give it an overnight steep to get really saturated flavor.

Okay the person had said no custard. I wonder if that means no creams too..... Anyway still mixing for that person - here I have strawberries and cherry crush and butter pecan as the higher numbers and then as back up players the tangerine, coconut, almond, blood orange, vanilla and blueberry. Should be a-okay to vape straight away right? Couldn't find quite the right free photo but this should do,

Okay went a little crazy here but wanted to do something really different - here we have everything from pomegranite to tangerine to blueberry jam mixed with banana cream and toasted almonds and basically just missing the kitchen sink! I don't see Lorann Raspberry here. I used blueberry jam instead of blueberry just cuz I was looking for a more interesting flavor profile. Good for shake and vape! Can't wait to see what it'll be like in a few days.

This is adapted from Krucial's Dragtangplum recipe. It was just crying out to me to add Honeysuckle to play with the tangerine. Soooo delicious as a summer vape.

Another recipe I made while watching Pineapple Express one lonely Autumn night last year. The idea with this one was to make a tangerine cinnamon sugar cookie with a bit of powdered sugar on top.

Again, don't really have flavor notes for this one, but it did turn out wonderfully. It's a delicious mess, and it's one of my favorites. I regularly keep this in my rotation of juices.

The general gist is that we use CAP Sugar Cookie as the base, throw in some cinnamon with CAP CDS, throw tangerine in with CAP Sweet Tangerine and FW Tangerine, and finish it off with some buttery goodness with CAP Butter Cream and throw some powdered sugarriness on top with FA Meringue.

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