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(FA) Apple Stark

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

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My good friend Sammy Fog Owner of the multi award winning ejuice company “Premium Labs“ has an ejuice called “Hooch”. It’s part of the Convicted Vapes line and the profile is “A crisp Red apple dipped in cream cheese icing”. Let be the first to tell you that this ejuice is absolutely stunning! And I’m not an Apple fan when it comes to vaping!! It’s just so well balanced with just the right amount of sweetness,it really is the perfect vape. I HAD to try and re create this profile to best of my ability and honestly,I think I’ve done it and Sammy proud. You can S&V this recipe but naturally after a day or 3 it will become even nicer. Please give it a mix and try and stay open minded if your not a fan of Apple like myself. If you enjoy it and any other recipe I create please show your appreciation by leaving a short review and rating. Happy mixing guys and gals and stay hazy! 💙

Not sure how else to describe this except to say a sweet, delicious fig newton cookie

The joy of the fair with the caramel apple waiting for you to sink your teeth into it, brought to life as a cake version. The base I've used with Nonna's cake (Nonna, Marshmallow, Sweet Cream, and Vienna cream) you can almost use with any other flavors to change the toppings of a cake base. The Apples play together here perfectly with the caramel giving a dark sweetness. This one is definitely a keeper!

Alabama Apple Pie Moonshine straight from the backwoods and ready to vape. Created from the same recipe that my husband uses to make his famous moonshine for football nights. Apple Stark/Fuji (At home it's straight Apple Juice) with the dragonfruit give this its great apple punch (we don't use cider in the real thing and didn't do it here). Bourbon gives it the punch of liquor flavor and the Rum while not boozy adds a little something to that Bourbon. We always use Sugar so it's present here in the sweetener and the brown sugar to give it a little depth. And the last note is the cinnamon because we always put a few sticks of it in the 5 gallon drum.

I finally feel that I've nailed a mix that I've tried multiple variations of. The jelly was tough to nail down. It says V2 because I've lost count on how many tries it took to get the jelly right. TPA sweet raspberry gives it the brightness and sweetness without any floral notes that I needed. Jammy berry brings out the jelly and adds a dark berry note like the real krimpet. Golden butter and vanilla cupcake authenticate the cake near perfectly. Apple and boysenberry assist the raspberry and is in the actual recipe so that's why they are there.

Cinnamon apple rice pudding. New to making my own recipes. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Rich cinnamon 1 drop per 10ml. Very tasty off the shake. Should be better with time.

Hapsburg Limonada........Could also be made for a jug/pitcher


New and greatly improved. This is super simple and authentically delicious. Tastes good as a shake and vape, and is great after an overnighter. 5 to 7 days for perfection. I haven't tried it but a smidge of ws-23 may drive home an authentic cold and milky bowl of Apple Jack's. So mix it up and enjoy, thanks KRUCIAL...

A refreshing, chilled Apple trinity which makes you come back for even more, and more...!

People have asked me for a follow up to Icee Lychee which I gladly present as an Apple version:

Apple Triad
FA Fuji is the obvious BOSS in this recipe and lays the foundation for this Apple trio but needs a little help to flesh it out:
FA Apple stark gives a mild, realistic apple-juice flavor without being too sweet nor tart and bolsters the Fuji nicely.
Cap Double Apple provides the juicy, sweet and crisp red apple and completes our threesome

I felt the Apple on its own can be a bit linear and it needed a little something to keep the taste buds yearning for more... The obvious choice would be a spot of pear or even quince but they did not quite do the job. I opted for FA Peach White which is a delicate and complex fresh peach with just a tad of tartness to round out the recipe.

The FA Cream provides the necessary body to avoid a "flat" feeling in the mouth, synonymous with many (single) fruit vapes

WS23 cools everything down without detracting from the star of show. Feel free to start the WS23 off at 0.25% and adjust up if required.
Sub WS23 with Koolada at your preferred % if preferred.

Give this one 2 days and she is perfect!


Ok guys straight to the point here, I'm going for two Authenic/Orginal Apples here !! .. Green and Red apple slices !! On the inhale you get the Red apple and on the exhale, you get the green apple ! Fa stark apple for the up front red apple note and the fw green apple for the back end note, Inw two apples here to bridge the Gap between the two apples .. Very smooth and it tastes like fucking "apples" !!!! ... Apples which is a (fruit) and that's what I'm going for here is a fruit Vape, simply fruit !!! .. We all no what apples taste like right ??!??! Well if you don't, here ya go !.... Thanks for the great competition ! Much Love ..

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