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(FA) Bitter Wizard

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 96 recipes at an average of 0.659%.


8 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A delightful Sweet Orange Liqueur Brandy. The background notes of sweet orange is not over baring or bitter yet not so sweet either. You will also get a hint note of oak that Grand Marnier is so known for. So sit back and vape this, relax and enjoy with friends or alone.

This is a lemon forward citrus mix, with green tea accents provided by the Cucumber, Zen Garden, Black Pepper, and Cardamom flavors. 4 drops of FA Bitter Wizard per 30ml is essential (that’s less than 0.1%, but 0.1% is the smallest amount you can list here). I use Bitter Wizard in every recipe I mix, unless it’s meant to be very sweet. Bitter Wizard neutralizes the sweetness of the VG and uncovers the subtleties of the flavors. This is the first mix that’s entirely my own invention, and I’m very pleased with it. It tastes good without steeping, but the herb and spice flavors don’t show up until a week or two after you mix, so I recommend steeping it. Adding a little coconut makes for a good variation.

This is my attemp to create a cigarrette recipe. Based on reviews on noted I went with M-Style because of it's semi close flavor to malrboro (which is what I used to smoke) and FLV Classic cigarette because it is dirty and ashy. I added Black fire for that smoky flavor and DNB for the ash tray flavor. Vanilla because you do feel a hint of vanilla, small but present on Malrboro, it provides a very very light accent. Fa Bitter Wizard to lower the sweetness from the VG.


Needs at least a week to really bloom. A few drops of mts vape wizard can help round and blend the flavors if you don't want to cut the sweetness with bitter wizard.

Menthol is very light. Mix at 0.4-0.5% or add 0.5% spearmint for more of a menthol cig flavor

Depending on how sweet your VG is the bitter wizard may need to be increased. Using Essential Depot Palm VG I had to up it to 2% to cut the sweetness enough.


This was a nightmare to create! Aperol Spritz is a very famous italian cocktail based on Aperol bitter, champagne and sparkling water. Of course the star of the show is the Aperol with it's orange and aromatic herbs in it. The champagne in this cocktail it's mainly the stage where Aperol will act.

In order to create the right orange mix I tried really a lot of them in the market, but at the end, not a coincidence IMHO, the italians oranges of FA( FA orange and FA tanger) where the most similar to the orange flavor of Aperol.

I tried a lot of herbs too, but all they would distract the nose. So I started searching for bitter notes and of course I found the FA bitter wizard, but it has an off note in it, so I searched for other flavors with a bitter in it to pair with FA bitter wizard. At the end the best answer was FA bergamot in order to remain in citrus area and get a bitter note to pair to FA bitter wizard.

But the very fascinating and strange thing in Aperol Spritz is the combination of bitter and sweet. Of course I used a bit of CAP super sweet, but a bit of vanillin was really necessary here to give a sweet contrast to the recipe.

For champagne I used TPA champagne both for calm down the cost of this recipe with something cheap and because this is not a bully wine flavor like others.

At the end I worried about how to give a sparkling esperience to this recipe. I watched a lot of Noted episode in youtube to find inspiration and at the end the answer came from @ID10T and his endorcement of VT fizzy sherbet.
Now guys I really ask you from the bottom of my heart to review this recipe in order to give me a partial compensation for all this work on it.

For this week's challenge I chose Daredevil.

A delicious raspberry custard. Flavourart bitter wizard does an excellent job of creating contrast. I sincerely hope you enjoy.

If you'd like to participate in the Year of Mixing find the Flavor-Pro group and join us for our weekly challenge - all mixers welcome - and there will be some prizes. You can find more information here http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/


Everyone knows a Martini is gin (FA Gin) and vermouth (FW Martini + FA Bitter Wizard) that usually has an olive in it.

Did you know a Dirty Martini is a martini that also has olive brine in it?

A Pickletini is similar, but uses pickle brine.

A Gibson is a martini with a cocktail onion instead of an olive.

OoO Pickle is a pickle flavor with an odd oniony note.

Ergo, Pickle Gibson.

Shaken, not stirred, with WS-23. Garnish with a twist of INW Lemon Mix and an FLV Basil leaf. Cheers!

Big thanks to @Tamberina for encouraging words after trying an unfinished version of this, @ConcreteRiver for pointing me in the direction of FW Martini and helping to finalize the recipe, and @MattDGTL for turning Mr. Gibson into a Pickle.


A Popsicle made of Pickle Juice

Even with fall just around the corner, it can still get hot as Satan's balls down here in Texas and if you do any kind of outdoor activities, electrolytes will be lost. If you're desperate to put them back, nothing, not even Gatorate, works as well as one of Bob's Pickle Pops, the popsicle made of pickle juice.

All of this was built around OoO Pickle. Accurate as can be, but not a lot of fun to single-flavor test. Vaping pickle flavor is like drinking pickle juice. There's a world of difference in the experience of drinking warm (blech!), room temperature, or even refrigerated pickle juice versus the refreshment level of frozen pickle juice.

That's where WS-23 comes in, to make it freezing cold. Taste perception is subjective and response to cooling agents is possibly the most subjective thing in DIY, so feel free to increase if you like Malaysian juice or decrease if you're scared. Here's how I arrived at that odd-looking 1.55 %, though. Using too much coolant hurts, like getting a brain brain freeze from a Slurpee. But there's a thin blurry line between pleasure and pain -- consider the spiciest food you enjoy, or what orgasms sometimes sound like without words like "OHGOD! YES! YES, ID10-T, YES!" mingled in with the screams and moans to let you know she's dying the little death and not actually being murdered. I wanted to explore that, really ride that line. At 1.5%, WS-23 (in a 30% dilution, the way you can buy it from ECX or Chef's) wasn't close enough to being painful. 1.6% was over the line, just a little, just at first, until I got used to it. 1.55% makes me unsure whether I'm experiencing pleasure or pain. Like when you're done and she won't stop sucking. FWIW, I'm definitely more sensitive than most to Koolada, maybe that's also the case with me and WS-23 and you'll find this amount too tame for all this pleasure/pain nonsense. Regardless, it'll make your pickle into a pickle pop.

CAP Cucumber is there mostly to move it from a Best Maid or Vlasic pickle juice to something more Claussenesque, but it also gives it some welcome body, like freezing pickle juice gives you something to bite into. Similar to the pain/pleasure line, there's as much INW Cactus as I can put in here for extra juicy refreshment without it turning into a pickle-cactus recipe. No aloe in my pickle pop, please. Turns out OoO Pickle and a ton of WS-23 can take on quite a bit more than the 0.25% that would normally be my limit for this use of Cactus, but not quite a full double dose of it.

I owe a huge thank you to @ConcreteRiver for trying an earlier version of this via https://www.reddit.com/r/mixersclub/ and suggesting the addition of FA Bitter Wizard. It keeps the very light garlic note in the OoO Pickle from mingling with the relatively sweeter elements in Cucumber and Cactus (and VG, for that matter) and taking on a touch of a sweet onion vibe.

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