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(FA) Blackberry

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 58 recipes at an average of 1.34%.


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I wanted something citrus with a floral twist.

Cap blackberry gives us our base.
Fa blackberry adds that extra bit of floral.
Cap sweet lychee adds a nice tropical twist but still fitting in with overall floral flavour I was looking for.

Then to bring in the citrus I used fa aurora, which to me tastes like a limeade.

Super sweet is optional but does help boost the flavour a touch.

Ws23 can be added 0.5-1%.

Can be snv but give it a week an the floral n citrus notes will balance out perfectly.

Original recipe by cyberwolf.

I didn’t have Black Walnut LA so I subbed Walnut WF and added Blended Tobacco FE which gives it some richness and darker notes. I also added .2 super sweet, yeah I know, blasphemy.

These are the required words so ATF will let me share this. :)

Berry mix with some cucumbers. Hopefully taster better than last mix.

Luxurious blend of Black Cavendish tobaccos This is an exceptionally smooth blend,

Week 9 - The Year of Mixing Challenge on Flavor-Pro's FB Group.

This is a remixed version of a floral fruity tea I had been making for a friend of mine some years ago, but some of the flavors I had used are no longer in production or I've found better flavors since then. So this new version of this tea utilizes a large amount of flavors at very low amounts each. This recipe isn't going to be for everyone, really it's only for us weirdos who like this type of flavor, like me and Kopel. If you are feeling daring and have all of these flavors give it a mix. If you have no idea if you like floral flavors, this could be a bit much of a recipe to get all the flavors for and not know if you like florals.

You can add a touch of sweetener to this if you want to, I personally don't sweeten it beyond the flavorings that are in there. But if I were going to sweeten it I would go rather low with it so it doesn't turn into candy.

Yes you can shake and vape this, but it will be lacking in notes that take longer to steep. I say give this a minimum of 14 days to steep, 21 will have even more of the tea flavors coming through the fruit and the floral notes continue to calm down until it's steep for a full month.

Simple Blackberry Lemonade / first attempt tinkering is a likely scenario.

Is the Eye of the Hurricane?
At some times, the eye of a hurricane might be filled with clouds



CAP Creamy yogurt / TPA Dairy Milk: this is the cream base with an extra light tartness and a fully white creaminess from the yogurt combined with dairy milk to give a light milk taste.

CAP Vanilla bean ice cream / FW Vanilla bean ice cream / CAP Vanilla whipped cream: CAP VBIC used to boost a little the vanilla profile without exceeding and FW VBIC to give a sweet ice cream base to the ice cream base. CAP Vanilla whipped cream give that extra whipped cream profile to the ice cream.

CAP Blue Raspberry cotton candy: a sweet blue Raspberry touch to emulsionate the fruits and give a an extra airy layer to the creams.

FA Bilberry / INA Blackcurrant / TPA Berry crunch: this is the main purple fruit note: FA is a genuine bilberry flavor and here it act like a base for the INA Blackcurrant which has a wonderful genuine 'Cassis' profile (very concentrated flavor, I started @ 0.3% and then decided to stop @ 0.75% because the risk of obtaining a too much florar profile). TPA Berry crunch give a rounded boost to the berries without being too crunchy @ 1.5%.

FA Blackcurrant: FA blackcurrant is different from the INA version: it is more like a red currant instead of a black one, and in this this recipe is used to give depth and complexity to the berry part.

FA Blackberry: FA Blackberry is an extreme concentrated flavor and here I was searching for an added depth to the other berries 0.05% (3 drops in 60mls) is spot on, just the amount to be noticeable without overpower everything.

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