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(HS) Caramel Toffee

By: Hangsen (HS)
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Used in 259 recipes at an average of 1.346%.


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Just a sweet Banoffee Pie. Layers of creamy buttery toffee on top of soft banana's.
Can be mixed without ripe banana however i find it helps the banana stand out from the creams better after a steep

Heavy on the caramel but in a good way as its nice and creamy.
Main caramel is FW wich iw built up with VT toffee's which add some buttery goodness. Other caramels bridge the creams such as JF dulce de leche & HS caramal toffee, these have a nice sweet caramelly back bone.
At 3% MB milkshake give those malty milk notes that play nicely with the caramels and is bumped up by the richness of whipped cream and the dairy of milk. Hazelnut adds an additional dimension and authenticity to the vape.

This needs some balancing, so I'm very much open for ideas...
The recipe was influenced by the first-ever-premium liquid I've fallen in love back in 2014 - "Gold Tiger" by X-Bud(Liquideo FR). It's by no means a clone but rather an inspiration taken from the days of using low power mods and MTL atomizers (Vamo v5 and Nautilus).

I love the combination of various custards with CAP Cake Batter and there's nothing I can do about it. Tobaccos are not too bold but still quite noticeable even after two weeks of steeping. Thick caramel tobacco custard with some SPICE!

For those who want less tobacco but more caramel can simply drop the HS Ry1 and increase HS Ry4 percentage up to 4% or use your preferred Ry4. Enjoy!

A deliciously rich & creamy caramel coffee shake.

This is a light coffee shake crammed with caramel & toffee goodness!

Cafe Napoleon has been a staple in my stash for years = a light, caramel infused, milky coffee reminiscent of a cafe latte. The coffee note is (purposefully) feint & very well placed within the mix. No skunky coffee vibes here... Can be replaced with the new FRENCH CAFE NAPOLEON V2 at the same %.

VT Toffee Ice Cream is just glorious! A moderately rich ice cream with just enough vanilla & dark caramel to add a dense, buttery shake.
HS Caramel toffee adds a further deep caramel & sticky toffee layer, sending this baby to nirvana.

Add 0.5% VT Arabica Coffee to boost the coffee note.

Give this baby 5 days and she's ready to pop...

This very simple toffee recipe that is my ADV. im sure strawberry can be substituted for other fruits but i havent tried yet.


A delectable, rich & smooth caramel & toffee infusion...

I set out to create a toffee and caramel forward custard infused with slight notes of tobacco. Versions included the FLV Red Burley & Kentucky Blend but it distracted form the main profile, so I omitted them for this version.

There is not much to say about the undisputed kings of caramel RY4's other than it is just superb as a preambulatory 'tobacco' for novice and veteran mixers alike. Adding delectable, but subtle, caramel infused RY4 note, it lays the foundation masterfully. This work well with V2 at 8%.

I'm using my go to caramel/toffee combo in HS Caramel Toffee & VT English Toffee. A thick and creamy caramel toffee which adds adds oodles of sweetness & richness with no butyric vibes.

My faithful custard adds a rich & creamy custard and is fortified with a shot of vanilla, compliments of INW Shisha Vanilla.

Feel free to add .75 FLV Red Burley to increase the tobacco notes.

Give this baby 5 days or do to mingle & enjoy!

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been dropping recipes lately like a rave head drops E’s!!! Truth is I’ve got a lot of time on my hands lately and my creative juices have been in full flow...
there’s a few offerings of Dulce De Leche concentrates on the market and tbh they ain’t the best imo. Jungle Flavours is my personal favourite so using this as the starting block felt right. The rest of the recipe consists of a bunch of my (go to) caramels and butterscotch to really crank that bitch up and turn this recipe into a “Dulce De Leche” on steroids and boy oh boy does this one deliver!! This ones a full on tastebud explosion so be warned! 😁 as usual, if you enjoy my work please be so kind to leave a short review and rating for other mixers to see. Happy mixing guys and gals. 💙

Smooth almonds coated with sticky caramel toffee.

FA Almond is the undisputed king of almonds and sits proudly as the chieftain here. It fulfills the role of nut (duh) but more importantly, it adds a delicious creaminess and in doing so, blends seamlessly with the toffee to create a fabulously thick and creamy toffee.

FW Hazelnut boosts the nuttiness a tad and assists further with the overall, nutty, creamy feel.

Caramel Toffee and English toffee has been my go-to caramel/toffee flavour for quite some time now and is just a phenomenal combo. It’s versatility is boundless and this is my maiden voyage by using it with a nut base. It does a splendid job in creating a thick and creamy toffee with zero off notes.

This baby needs 5 days to come together and will just improve with a longer steep.


A yummy carmel custard
Taste very good, but maybe you have any improvement ...


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An RY4 crossed with a very slight variation of eyemakepizza's Trinity Vanilla Ice Cream (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/143364). When I think of Trinity, I can't help but imagine the pictures of the 1945 explosion from the atomic testing site Trinity, in Alamogordo . . . so, I made the ice cream sitting on top of the cone from an image of the explosion 0.016 seconds after detonation. Sweet, creamy, RY4 for your Christmas morning sweet-tooth.

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