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(HS) Cheesecake

By: Hangsen (HS)
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So, A grilled Pineapple. The pineapple part was easy enough but how the hell was I going to represent the grilled aspect? I got the inspiration from matthewkocanda's attempt at a grilled pineapple but people were saying it was more of a grilled stick, so I didn't want to go down that path. I haven't mixed his up, so I can't really comment on how that recipe turned out. But it was his recipe that got me thinking about it, thank you matthewkocanda.

When I taste a grilled pineapple, the first thing I taste is a sharp, sweeten pineapple with hints of caramelized sugars and a slight nutty/burnt flavor. So here was my approach.

The pineapple:
I tried several pineapples like CAP Golden Pineapple, and while it's good, it seems to be on the light side and was lacking the "sharpness" I was looking for. I added FLV Cherimoya to see if it brighten up the CAP Golden Pineapple, and it did, but not enough. So I tried TPA Pineapple. TPA Pineapple is not my go to pineapple simply because it is very strong and seems to be harsh in some recipes. However, at 2% and FLV Cherimoya at 2% it seemed to have that "sharp" pineapple I was going for. Now by themselves, they are strong so I needed to add something that would cut through the sharpness while giving it that caramelized sugar and nutty/burnt note. So here's what I did.

As some of you may know, I tested about every cheesecake out there. Some are bad, some are good, and others are better. But each has it's own take on a cheesecake. HS Cheesecake is one of those flavorings that on it's own can be a much different cheesecake than you expect. It's not really good for a base cheesecake, but it has it's uses. HS Cheesecake to me tastes like a slightly over cooked cheesecake with a pretty strong note of a burnt cheesecake. So adding this flavor at only .25% gives the slightly burnt note while adding a touch of creaminess to the pineapple. This helps to cut through the sharpness of the pineapples.

Caramelized sugars/nutty note:
With this layer I choose WF Roasted Pecans & Cream at 3%. When I tested this flavor I got a caramelized, slight coffee note. It also had a toasted or burnt note with a slight sweetness and somewhat nutty. I thought this would work well as the caramelized/nutty flavor as well as adding in more "grilled" or burnt notes. This also helps to cut through the sharp pineapples.

There was only one thing missing to make this recipe have that deep "brown sugar"/caramel note and DFS HOLY HOLY GRAIL RY4 at .25% was it. It adds a richness that this recipe needed to make it believable as a grilled pineapple. I added .25% CAP Super Sweet to liven it up a bit...and done.

I don't know if this is 100% authentic, but it's damn good. I could see this recipe being used with a scoop of ice cream on top or on a pineapple upside down cake as well. Mix it, change it, and try to add your own spin to it. This is a shake and vape but gets better with time. :)

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well since everyone is thinking bout making custards I figure I would throw mine in there and give it a shot and who knows U guys may just like it


Caramel coffee cheesecake what else. An I say.?
The end result here is a rich hybrid of a coffee and a cheesecake vape. I wouldn’t say it’s a coffee nor would I say it’s a cheesecake although both flavors are present. This one takes some patients tho it is a long steeper at around 30 days I found that coffee burnt note had subsided enough for me to make this my all day vape until it was gone....now the waiting begins again. When I ran out of this liquid I found myself wanting more which was a good sign to me that it’s a keeper.

Mix it up and give it a try if you have the flavors and 0ease be sure to rate or comment on what you mix...it helps others decide if they should try it and it helps the mixer to make better recipes in the future. Also if you change the recipe or add to it or remove something leave that in the comments as well if it is better to you...this can be a group effort if we all play well together...LOL..

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Carmel mocha HS.....As with most coffee flavors this on ha the burnt/skunks flavor slightly for me but after the steep in this recipe it pretty much goes away. It does not distract from the flavor profile for me.

Creamy Yogurt CAP....used here to add some more cream and to help push the cheesecake note a little


0wee0 Cookie Cheesecake. I've been working on this profile(Oreo cookie crust cheesecake)for quite some time having made about 10 different versions. After testing all of my batches, I decided this one was the most authentic. As many know, an Oreo cookie flavor is a very hard profile to get right. And as this recipe is not perfect, it comes as close to a real Oreo that I can develop using the flavors out there. The dark, dry cookie is created using FA Cookie, TPA Double Chocolate(clear). The sweet creamy frosting like center of the cookie is represented by the TPA Bavarian Cream and CAP Sweet Cream. Now imagine taking the Oreo cookie and crushing it and making the cheesecake crust. That's what I've tried to recreate.

I have also been trying to create an authentic cheesecake. Now there are many cheesecake flavors to choose from, CAP NY cheesecake, FW cheesecake, TPA cheesecake graham cracker, etc....However, these flavors while good seemed to fall short on an authentic fresh baked cheesecake and that's where HS cheesecake hits the mark. Most cheesecakes I have tried either are too lite in that cream cheese flavor or too heavy on the graham cracker crust. And while they are good for a "bright" cheesecake, I feel they fall short on an authentic cheesecake. HS Cheesecake works very well as a blank canvas, especially when using it with "darker", heavier accents like an Oreo cookie crust. I've only used this flavoring at .5% and one might think there's not enough cheesecake in there to be a cheesecake. However, with the TPA Bavarian cream, CAP Sweet Cream, and TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream combined with the HS Cheesecake, it makes for a nice fresh baked cheesecake. You have to be careful when using HS Cheesecake because if you use it at higher %'s, it has a burnt flavor that can take over the recipe.
I added .5% CAP Super Sweet to brighten up the HS Cheesecake as well.
This is not a shake and Vape. This needs to steep for at least 5 days.
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Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

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