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(INW) Biscuit

By: Inawera (INW) - Buy Direct
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Delicious fresh key lime custard with hints of cream and Graham cracker

I LOVE this, smooth tasty sharp blueberry and white peach cheesecake, I don't know about you but this is my new ADV!!

Inhale: Fresh blueberries and peaches, whipped cream
Exhale/aftertaste bakery biscuit, cheesecake

EDIT; You can let it steep but it's pretty much a shake and vape, I made another 60ml bottle and I'm vaping it now.
also ive changed it from cap blueberry jam to cap/slv blueberry extra and added FA White peach and it's awesome!!!

FLV Maple Bar + WF Fluffy White Cake provide a fluffy base for the pancakes adding a touch of sweet maple for the syrup note combined with INW Biscuit & WF Shortbread Cookies to add a crispy “griddled” texture and some rich buttery mouth feel. FW Blueberry + FA Bilberry make a nice Blueberry Compote. Finally a nice TPA Whipped Cream topping pulls it all together.

I sweeten with .5% CAP Super Sweet.


There’s a lot of flavor in this. I wanted the shortbread to come thru heavy with this so I went with the inw biscuit and butter. I needed creamy but not a heavy custard profile so I went with whipped cream and elevated it with tpa milk DX (not on atf so I just had to select tpa dairy milk). I put 2 different strawberries in it to elevate each other without being too overpowering. Topped it off with some supersweet to make it a little more “commercial”

Dark brown slightly burnt peach butter biscuit with cream cheese icing.

Cap Sugar Cookie / INW Biscuit / LA CCI - is the base. Gives the dark brown, slightly burnt and sugary flavor.
Cap Butter Cream - adds the buttery feeling on the exhale.
FLV Peach - Very subtle peach tones.
I'd gives this one 2 or 3 weeks steep, crack open your favorite beer and enjoy.

This is a sourdough soft center Funnel Cake. It’s good deep rich slightly burned sugar notes and a sugary sweet exhale.

My Take on Sugar Cookie. Let me know what you think. Enjoy

A smooth, buttery, vanilla custard with brown sugar
and biscuit

kolachis are Czech cookies filled with varies fruit jams this is my interpretation feed back is welcomed

Mi última elaboración en Donut glaseado, masa esponjosa y dulce con notas de levadura fresca aportadas por el trigo, una receta con los aromas bien medidos para evitar los sabores químicos y fuertes... definitivamente, un donut muy logrado.

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