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(LB) Dew Mountain

By: Liquid Barn (LB) - Buy Direct
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9 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is my attempt to recreate the Ocean Water beverage from Sonic, using only Liquid Barn flavors.

Dew Mountain is used as the base here, and Coconut Milk gives it the beverage's distinct coconut taste.
Blue Raspberry adds some extra body and enhances the sweet soda taste. It also adds a bit of tartness that's not quite true to the beverage, but overall I'd say the addition of Blue Raspberry brings this recipe closer to the source than dew mountain and coconut milk alone.

Menthol is optional, and adds a cooling sensation while also adding a slight minty taste. I have not yet had a chance to experiment with WS-23, but it could theoretically be used in the menthol's place if the minty flavor of menthol is not desired.

This recipe is delicious without the JF strawberry sweet but the JF strawberry sweet definitely boost the strawberry it makes this mix so much better . this is just a simple strawberry pink lemonade but it’s fucking good this is something you would find on the shelves and E liquid store. happy mixing. you can lower the super sweet if you’d like .

Of course there is no such a thing as Pink Sprite. At least not in this form.

Dew Mountain is not the greatest flavour of all time, but mixed right, you can get a really nice results. It has a really nice citrus and somehow bitter note. And it reminds me of Sprite. LA lemonade is here to boost the lemonade base since I didn't wanted to push the Dew Mountain too high. Everybody loves bubbles, right? Fizzy Sherbet at your service. And now the pink element - I have decided to go with the RF Pink Candy SC. It's prominent, it's round, tart and pink. Yout don't need another berry fruit since the Pinky Candy can stand on its own. Enjoy.

Add sweetener or cooling agent of your choice and preference, SS by Cap works the best for me around 0.15% (1 drop/10 ml). I do not like cooling.

Tested on NarCA RDA, 42W, 0.3 Ohm, Framed Staple Ni80.

this is straight up mtn dew ice lemon lime just like you from the store very refreshing and tasty

Went for an ice cream, came out more like a creamsicle. Fuck.

Steep for at least 5 days to mellow the yellow (see what I did there) out the Dew and let the creams cream stuff.

inspired by mountain dew pitch black. credit for the name goes to my friend Neil.

This abomination was created through a discussion in my Eve Online fleet.
It sounded interesting, so i mixed it to try it out :) After mixing it, this has become my most well liked recipe, with everyone who has tried it really enjoying it. Mix it up and see what ya think 😊

Sweetener is set that high on purpose. Feel free to set it to where ever you feel comfortable.

Pink Lemonade and strawberry, always a good combo.

Mountain Dew Black Label

1 drop of FA MTS Wizard for per 15ml
MTS is just here to smooth out the acidic properties of the LB Dew Mountain. MTS is optional but I found it to hit my palette just little bit better when included.

CAP Harvest Berry and TPA Black Currant
Together this flavors create the dark berry flavor as mentioned on the can. I've probably drank 5-10 cans of Black Label trying to get this combination right haha. I've went through alterations using bilberry and just harvest berry but each different alterations seemed to highlight the berries too much to be a 1:1 recipe. Although they were good, they just weren't right.

LB Dew Mountain, TPA Ethyl Maltol, TPA Koolada
These three flavors make up the base of the Mountain Dew flavor. LB Dew Mountain by itself falls short. I used Ethyl Maltol to sweeten the recipe because you and I both know Mountain Dew is just full of sugars. I tried different Sweeteners (sucralose) but they all seem to mute the flavor too much. TPA Koolada was a must have for me. I cannot drink a soda without it be chilled. The Koolada is here to try and mimic the ice or fresh out of the fridge feeling.

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