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(LA) Bavarian Cream (vanilla)

By: Lorann (LA)
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A little harsh on a shake and vape. Hoping after a 7 day steep it will smooth out. Any suggestions, let me know!

My boyfriend's favorite. He loves pastries/sweets and I make him this all the time.

Okay yes it's complicated but so too is a truffle - a good one anyway. So I am making the custards (cap v1) and the white chocolate the larger numbers to hold all this. Well and of course the tobacco which if it's going to stand up to all this needs to be a pretty high number. Then adding amounts coffee, chocolate, cocoa, caramel, nuts, vanilla, cardamom.... also putting in creme brulee and bavarian cream. Maybe a ridiculous thing to do or maybe it will work like cooking would idk we'll see. LOL

Layered creams with kentucky bourbon green and double apple with some sweetener - should be good hmm? Okay so he said its too apple-y so I'm changing up this recipe. IDK if the edits show up as new recipes or what. But this is the revision - scrapping the green apple and adding country apple at a smaller amount.

just your regular strawberry cream - nothing fancy here but hopefully it's tasty

Week 9 Challenge - dedicated to Emily - I am new to this game so I don't know her nickname but I think everyone knows who she is. I don't have sugar cone or waffle cone which she has been mentioning alot lately or at least in shows where I've seen her. Churro is my best next go to for a different kind of bakery.
This tastes great shake and vape - I hope it holds up to some steeping. I thought churro with orange and cream sounded good so I went for it and added a floral dash to it - straight away it's not obvious but the bergamot you can taste right off the bat even at such a small percentage and it adds a nice extra bitter-sweetness somehow. If you want something sweeter than this you could definitely bump up the super sweet. The biscuit is silverline but I don't see that here.

Okay went a little crazy here but wanted to do something really different - here we have everything from pomegranite to tangerine to blueberry jam mixed with banana cream and toasted almonds and basically just missing the kitchen sink! I don't see Lorann Raspberry here. I used blueberry jam instead of blueberry just cuz I was looking for a more interesting flavor profile. Good for shake and vape! Can't wait to see what it'll be like in a few days.

Fresh..Sweet..Juicy Pears drizzeled in a decadent caramel/butterscotch sauce topped with fresh vanilla cream...great as an after dinner vape or even an ADV


After being given a bottle of Gingerbread Man, I was convinced I could one up them. This is my take on a Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich.

Lorann Bavarian Cream, CAP Butter Cream
Buttery smooth creamy mouthfeel, Vanilla.

CAP Gingerbread
Not the time of year, I know. Self explanatory ingredient though.

FA Maple Syrup
A little softening to the gingerbread, darkness and a little sweetness for the mix.

FA Meringue, FA Vienna Cream, CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Ice cream obviously. This is one of my favorite ice cream bases to build on. CAP can be subbed for TFA if you prefer.

FA Zeppola
A light dough contribution to represent the "sandwich" part of the profile.

CAP Super Sweet
Optional, But for my taste buds .4% felt right.

Flavor Notes