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(LA) Grape

By: Lorann (LA)
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This is a fantastic Black currant Astaire Vape that I have been vaping all day every day for prolly 2 months now, very odd for me as I switch all day every day, but this is a keeper IMO, not bad on coil’s either, my Kylin Mesh lasts all week before cleaning, not the cheapest mix I agree due to the RA but damn it’s worth it 😉
I use Lauren coloured grape for that purple colour and Chefs Choice Blackcurrant as it’s a great candy flavour but use any Blackcurrant you enjoy, DH is another good variety but ovs more expensive,
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A grape cigarillo

I stole the base of this recipe from 25 Bucks by @ConcreteRiver, swapped the raspberry for the best grape for the job, cut the Burley back for less of a rich nutty tobacco, and loaded it up with Cured for more of a generic little cigar flavor. If you're looking for something like a Swisher Sweet, this base will make a great start. Just swap the grape for a different fruit or other flavor or your choice and rebalance it as needed.

This was a recipe I mixed up for a friend of mine craving some grape Dubble Bubble gumballs. I figured I would share it with the world since it came out delicious.

FW Grape and LA Grape, two of the best artificial grape flavors come together to make the perfect grape candy combo. I also added a touch of FLV Grape, which is by far one of the greatest yet most powerful candy grape flavors I’ve ever tried. It really makes the whole grape aspect pop.
FW Bubblegum, one of my favorite bubblegum flavors. Basically, pink Dubble Bubble. This flavor can be a little weird. There isn't much texture nor is there enough mouthfeel imo. People used to mix this flavor at absurd percentages for the full on gumball flavor. IDK how they did 10-12%. The gum flavor is super strong to me. I added the ethyl maltol to soften the edges along with adding that natural sweetness and also added FA Oba Oba to punch up the overall candy profile of the entire mix. It also adds some extra mouth feel so you're almost chewing on some delicious bubblegum.
This stuff is good right out of the gate, but I just suggest giving it a few days to become one with the VG and mellow out a bit. ENJOY!
This is a super simple mix and I know for sure you can take the gumball half and add different fruits to it to makes some other gums. Give that a try sometime, I make a watermelon gum this way too.


So i think I've finished creating my grape candy stone, if you could call it that. It's just a very sweet candied artificial grape, which is what i was going for.

Then the bubblegum... Another pain in arse. Bubble gum concentrates are generally very dry and powdery, so a gain just the one wasn't enough. Fw jawbreaker really helps bring it all together.

I can't recommend or vouch for any substitutions in this recipe, as I've probably tried them all anyway.

If you like any kind of bubble gum, especially grape. You'll love this. Enjoy!

Delicious blend of berries and blue rock candy. Still a WIP but very close.

Chefs FNRG - be worried, as this is the end! Enjoy


A vivid and pleasant Grape Juice recipe
Recipe made for TFA Grape Juice FlavorBook entry
-> http://diyordievaping.com/2017/06/06/tfa-grape-juice/

A sweet and Sour Grape and apple blend with a nice tarty punch to it.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 50 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 2.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 50 / 100

This grape flavor tastes mostly like white grape. I didn't get much wetness from it and it did have a slight astringent or acidic bite to it so it definitely is more white grape than white grape juice. Flavor is fairly strong so it will make for boosting a main note well or acting as one

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