(LA) Watermelon

By: Lorann (LA)
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I hate the phrase "commercial juice". Nonetheless this is phase that I have to use constantly. It's such a vague description though. First of all, it doesn't actually describe anything. Secondly there's so many different commercial ejuice companies on so many different levels. Is there even a difference between commercialized and artisan anymore? Anyways.

This is a very commercial ejuice profile. Pretty classic mixture of strawberry, apple and watermelon.

Let's start with the strawberry, JF Sweet Strawberry is a great artificial strawberry flavor, it stands out in the mix and just a little bit of it goes a long way. TFA Strawberry (Ripe) is just about the most realistic strawberry that there is. It is an amazing strawberry enhancer. I use it here to bolster that strawberry flavor. Just keep in mind it can be pretty astringent off of the shake but after a few days you're left with a beautiful full berry note.

FA Fuji is my favorite apple. It's a really juicy, sweet apple flavor. It's got a pop of tartness that you get on the exhale that's just incomparable.

Lastly, for the artificial watermelon note LA Watermelon goes a long way at 6%. It's a sticky, sweet watermelon candy.

Sweeten to Taste.

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A delicious blend of fruits perfect for lower wattage/mtl/pod set ups.

LA Watermelon is a nice sweet candied type watermelon flavor. It's a little thin and weak so it pairs nicely with other fruits. Gonna make this one a little bit tropical with WF Island Mango. Island Mango is a decent artificial mango flavor. There's not too much funk to make this one weird. It goes nicely with watermelon. Of course I like to add a little FA Pear to most of my fruit mixes to make them nice and juicy. It gives those fruits lots of moisture and texture.

Sweeten to taste.

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I was going for a watermelon sour patch kid here.

Slowly becoming my All Day Vape, Sour Apple does add some actual sourness somehow.

Ooey, gooey, smooth, fruity, tropical candy goodness. Snv/adv certified with an awesome mouth feel.


So, the story behind this recipe is fairly simple. @AlfredPudding spent a fair amount of time in the diy e_juice discord and was very generous with his time and energy. I had asked him for some help in cloning one of my first juices, Frozen Hulk Tears. The man, the myth, the legend came back at me with this mix telling me both (1) this will be a better version and (2) the cap SS is essential here and not to mess with that scary 1%. He was right on both accounts. I've silently enjoyed this recipe for a good while and had asked a while back if he minded I shared it. I just never really got around to posting it, unsure also about how to properly do the recipe justice, or thank my friend properly for making something this amazing that truly hits that spot.

If you liked Frozen Hulk's Tears or just like a sour apple/watermelon profile, try this.

Original art by @zany

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A gummy mosh pit.. Grape, peach, raspberry, watermelon,and strawberry gummified. This is a different take on the og skull candy which is one of my favorite adv's..The flv peach gummy really compliments flv grape and tfa grape juice. cap strawberry taffy/wf strawberry gummy/ wf sour ball candy/ fw razzleberry create a slightly tart chewy gummy base while tfa raspberry sweet and la watermelon help round it out and add some complexity. I like the original but the redux is easily my favorite of the two. This one could use a 7-8 day steep for everything to show up but it is pretty good off the shake.

Watermelon juice that's a subtle flavor. You can add sweetener if you'd like, but it's not necessary. Ws-23 works really well too. Shake and vape works, but 3 days steep let's it all blend together. The name is just the apps suggested name, since I lack the creativity to come up with my own name.


Revisiting an old favorite, this time making it more watermelon-y and cold. I don't know man.


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