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(MF) Apricot

By: Medicine Flower (MF)

Used in 15 recipes at an average of 2.29%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

mixed fruits and greek yogurt - I added the whipped cream because I figured it would add a more interesting mouthfeel?? idk and then toasted almonds and brown sugar also for interest

My first time using jackfruit and koolada - teeny amount of the koolada but I just want a whiff of coolness not a flood. I'm just mixing some fruits here that sound good together to me - we'll see. I think this should be fine to shake and vape.

I'm trying for a fancy drink kinda thing with a floral finish - notes:: after about 48 hrs the mix tastes really good, kinda overly sweet but there is a floral aftertaste which is pleasant and it is slightly fruity - nice so far

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