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(MF) Caramel

By: Medicine Flower (MF)
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Used in 71 recipes at an average of 1.642%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

sweet berry and ice cream pie with a touch of caramel

This is MY perfect RY4. Caramel and tobacco heavy. Medicine Flower and FlavourArt caramel together at this ratio is the perfect RY4 caramel to me. This needs to steep for sure!

I've updated this to use JF RY4 Double (3%) instead of DIYFS Holy Holy Grail RY4 (4%) because I feel like the simplicity of the JF works better. Holy Grail has a lot going on already. Feel free to still use Holy Grail or even TFA RY4 Double (3-4%) if you like.

This recipe was inspired by a commercial juice I like (Golden State Vapor's Crème Brûlée), but it's not an attempt at a clone. I just wanted a vape that hit similar notes. I went through 12 different iterations of this recipe before I thought it was finished, and I think the end result is great. The caramel and coconut notes really mix excellently. I can't decide if I like the Brown Sugar or not, so consider it optional. You could also probably bump up the caramel a bit, but the Lotus caramel is pretty strong. Acetyl Pyrazine and TPA Marshmallow are there for mouthfeel. Meringue is just a sweetener.

Yes, this recipe does absolutely require Lotus (aka Medicine Flower) Caramel, and it can't really be subbed for anything else. It's the only caramel I've used that tastes anything near the real thing. You can get it at ecigsexpress.

Be patient and let this steep for at least a week. Two is probably better.


Buttery caramel roll topped with butter pecans. At least a week steep. Had to go with some outside the normal flavor companies to get what I wanted...but is exactly where I want it to be.

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