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I created something similar to the very popular commercial e juice here in Asia that I use to vape but in a better version. Since you already know most asian juices are very sweet and not really authentic.

This is a Straight up mango ice cream without the cone. The star of the recipe is the wf island mango but i added flv mango in the recipe to make it shine even more and not adding a musky note, with the wf island mango alone it is still missing something.
Hope you enjoy!

Just a simple, sweet, smooth mango and dragonfruit mix. Good off the shake, gets better with a quick steep.

Creamy, cold and fizzy lime. Develops a slight cinnamony note after about a week out of nowhere.

Tastes pretty much like that thick green drink health enthusiasts would order at a juice bar after yoga practice and pretend to like, with a hint of floral. it's a bit odd and I didn't think I'd like this as much as I do.

Sweetener is optional

Tested with single triple core fused clapton in a Taifun GT4s (clone)

Just a classic vanilla bourbon.

Add/Remove WS-23 to taste.

I ordered Maui Mash (VSO) before reading any reviews. It sat on my desk for 6 months wondering what I was going to do with it. It is a light flavor not to bad but lacking something. After several ideas, all struck down, I figured that I would try this. I like it. A mellow tropical flavor that isn't harsh, I put ws-23 in it for a bit of cooling but you can take it out without changing the flavor, your preference. MANGO IS MAUI MASH (VSO)!!!!!!!

Rocket Pop.

CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy was a suggestion from @Sublimeice from the DIY_Ejuice discord. It’s carrying the blue raspberry and adding that “added sugar” feel.

OSDIY Blue Raspberry Slush is dark, sticky, and the bluest shit in the world.

FE Lemon has that lemon drink flavor.

INW Cherry is sticky bright red cherry that turns thick quick.

MB Rocket Popsicle is the glue here. It’s is a one shot that needs help in all departments.

WS-23 isn’t needed, but I’d turns this recipe into a frozen treat instead of a drinking the melted version.

Mixed this up last night, had a few different MB flavours, felt like something fruity and cold, tastes good

My attempt at a citrus cherry soda. Doesn’t really need a steep, also the ws-23 is optional but is my preferred way of vaping it.

Here is a release of the Christmas special in the Divine FanTastic Range from way back when.
It’s based on the popular English snowball cocktail that a lot enjoy over the Christmas period well in the UK anyway.

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