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(RF) Apple Pie - SC

By: Real Flavors (RF) - Buy Direct

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Apples macerated in whisky and baked with a lovely crusty taste and fluffy cakey bottom and topped of with cream.

RF SC Apple and RF SC Apple Pie paired for perfection, very sweet and rich apple taste in a light crusty jacket.
FA Liquid amber adds some needed acidity to the apples.
To give the mix a fluffy cake feel i've added some JF Yellow Cake
FA Whisky was used for a light oak wood, grain and malted taste to the already sweet mix of apples.
FLV rich cinnamon (2drops/10ml) added because i feel that the RF SC Apple Pie does not have cinnamon or at least i couldn't taste it.
FA Vanilla Bourbon and FLV Cream rounds this mix off

steep at least 8 days, blame this on the whisky that needs to blend with the other ingredients, FA Whisky have a dry and rather earthy taste, it need the time to blend with the mix!

inhale: apples and a lovely taste of whisky
exhale: round vanilla and creamy apples with a cinnamon afterbite

Very addictive dessert/bakery vape, you've been warned :-)

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