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By: SolubeArome (SA) - Buy Direct

Used in 4 recipes at an average of 2.7%.


1 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Please Note:
SA BANANE BONBON is in the place of SA CANDY MILK BANANA a.k.a. SA Candy'Milk Banane and is available at Rainbow Vapes (UK) and NomNomz (as SA Banana Milk)

✔︎ SNV Approved

✔︎ Ideal Steep Time: 1-3 Days

✔︎ Original Mix Ratio: VG:PG 80:20

This is exciting for me - Banana Ice Cream is one of the profiles that motivated me to start DIY in the first place - I've also been working on my own banana milk for a good couple of months now and after mixing up countless versions and variations, it just so happened that I stumbled upon this gem one lucky night.


Once upon a time... Yesterday arvo, actually - I was messing with some hypothetical flavours for an oatmeal cookie. Next, what happened is SolubArome Candy Milk Banana fell off the shelf and into my hands. Just like that.

Since I'd actually been meaning to try this for a while, it was only natural that I take a good whiff of it, right? Right.

I more-than-half expected to smell the same, old and boring 'Oh yeah, "Banana cream" you get with TPA or LA but to my surprise, I inhaled the smell of a smooth banana (candy) and a sweet, dairy/milky goodness. I sat it down in a spot so I'd remember to SFT it sometime over the next few days..

A few hours later though and I'm doing a sneaky SFT before bed to judge this one's potential.
OH, it's good. But it's just missing something...

Obviously, I just had to throw a few flavours at it to really judge this o...
HOLY MOTHER! I've cracked it! It just came together when I should have been in bed. I'm so glad I wasn't and now so are my tastebuds!

You be the judge though. I've gone through my whole tester and a second bottle already. I stopped tasting all my testers to keep vaping this, that's when I know I've done well.

I think it might be alright this one... but you be the judge! How have I done?


∙ SA Candy Milk Banana ∙ (aka Candy'Milk Banane/Banana Milk) ∙

On it's own it tastes like a lighter version of TPA Banana Cream but with much more focus on the dairy/milk notes. It's got PROPER milk notes too like FA Milk or OOO Cream (Milky Undertones) and it's nice and smooth and sweet. I only SFT'd this up to 5% and it's on the less-concentrated side similar to other SA flavours. You could probably push it higher but I preferred to build on it in this recipe instead.

∙ NR Banana Milkshake ∙

Brings a thick, creaminess and some banana nuances but is mostly all mouthfeel and light on flavour IMO. However the role it plays here is important as it does a great job at filling in, filling out and building up SA Candy Milk Banana. They just work together.

∙ LA Banana Cream ∙

Is at 1.25% to boost the sweet banana-ness and does a better job than TPA's version at cutting through the creams to sit on top of the profile. You can sub with TPA BC if necessary though, adjusting for strength.

∙ OOO Cream (Milky undertones) / VT Love / WF Vanilla Cream Extra ∙

OOO is so good at making you feel like you're vaping a milk flavour and I used it to enhance the milky notes in SA as to not let it get buried under the creams. VT Love is a sweet, milky almost white chocolate type flavour and isn't too heavy but brings a beautiful, sweet flavour without any vanilla and I love this concentrate. WF VCE is here as it adds a fullness to the creams that only WF creams can! It's just here for mouthfeel and maximum greatness tbh.

∙ CAP Super Sweet / WS-23 (Coolant) ∙

CAP SS @ 1% is twice what I'd normally use but it works here because banana milk is SO SWEET - but feel free to reduce it if you like!

I love WS-23 and also tried mixing this up with it @0.75-1.0% it's really enjoyable but best after a 2 day steep I found.

Where can I get the flavours?

I understand that not all flavours are easily accessible to all the mixers out there & for that reason I'd like to note where I bought my flavours and/or an appropriate sub .

There is a fairly good range of concentrates available in AUS now, but I'm always importing the flavours I can't get here. I mostly order from UK-based stores - the UK seem to have the most affordable postage, even for small orders.

I often find obscure flavours that are equally as good as the popular ones & IMO are just as worthy of a spot in my collection & sometimes even more-so.

So here's where you can get these hidden gems:

∙ SA Candy Banana Milk
🇬🇧 Rainbow Vapes & 🇬🇧 NomNomz (as SA Banana Milk)

∙ NR Banana Milkshake
🇦🇺Flavour World

∙ OOO Cream (Milky Undertones)
🇬🇧NomNomz (UK)

∙ VT Love
🇦🇺Vape Train & 🇬🇧Chef's Flavours

The rest will be available at any good store! :)

SUBS / Other Changes

I couldn't recommend subbing any of the flavours and these flavours are all worth having in your toolbox but if you can't get OOO you could try using FA Milk.

I try to list subs where I can so if I haven't recommended one it's probably because
a)I haven't tried it, tested it, or maybe even tasted it!
b) There isn't one (or) I just haven't heard of it, or
c) It's taken me some time to find the flavours I REALLY enjoy and either the flavour is essential to the recipe &/or there's no valid reason in existence you should ever sub this and you really should just get it


I'm relatively new to this and want to learn more, feedback/comments are always welcome!

Lastly, just in case you use both (ELR) and (ATF) for different reasons like I do, Here's the link to the same recipe over there:

If you mix this up, or some variation of it, please drop a comment &/or review below and let us know how it went!

Flavor Notes