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(TPA) Caramel (original)

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This recipe is a Dulce De Leche flavor with a touch of malt and cinnamon
Recipe made for "(OOO) Cream PG Milky Undertone" Flavor Book Entry
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/16/ooo-cream-pg-milky-undertone/

A simple combo that is actually the "Swapple" from American Stars .

Simple tobacco recipe with creamy vanilla, cookie, coconut and caramel.

Simple recipe with some burley tobacco, coffee, caramel , biscuit and vanilla (creamy). The coffe flavor used is Coffee Kawa (INAWERA).

Mocha and pecan ice cream. Used my usual ice cream stone and added espresso and chocolate to emulate a mocha like flavor.


A tobacco recipe with tobacco , caramel, vanilla , cookie and creamy hazelnut.

Sweet and creamy carrot pudding with caramel and ginger topped with Pistachio.

FLV - Vanilla Pudding/FLV - Cream/TPA - Butter: This is the base that gives this mix a nice, creamy feel. The vanilla pudding is there for a hint of texture, the cream brings everything together and adds a cream note; butter gives that richness you would expect from something that has reduced down into a thick, creamy pudding consistency.

TPA - Pistachio: This is the topping, adds a nutty quality that mixes well with the creams and the brown sugar/caramel.

TPA -Brown Sugar/TPA - Caramel (Orig): The sugary sauce. Adds a deep, complex sweetness. The caramel adds a hint of smokiness, gives the carrot pudding a feel of being cooked and reduced to a heavenly dessert.

CAP - Gingerbread: This is used more for the ginger note than anything. This gives a great baked ginger feel to anything that has a "cooked" quality, and fits right in here.

FLV - Carrot: This here is the star of the show. This is a shockingly accurate peel/grated carrot. Very bright and you can taste the shavings. The challenge here was making this fresh carrot feel baked. I feel that I achieved that with this mix. It tastes like it has been cooked down, but still retains a slight bite to the carrot.

All in all, this was fun to make, and it tastes amazing. If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone, hit this up and let me know how you liked it! I suggest at least a 3-5 day steep for the butter/caramel/sugar to settle down. This really shines after a week. Personally i let it sit 2 weeks and fell more in love. It tastes like it gets richer over time.

Reminiscent of the classic cereal (honey bunches of oats) with some ice cold milk.

It's a revision of my original recipe StrawCo Pie (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/49954#strawco_pie_by_daffynash) which was one of my first attempts of DIY recipes.

Even if I was enjoying vaping the first version, I had a feeling that it could be better with some alterations in Concentrates.

It gives finally a good feeling of a pastry pie with a base of buttery biscuits, a Caramel layer before the cream with the strawberries and a topping of grated chocolate.

It is kinda sweet as is, but for the super sweet vape lovers, you can add some sweetener adjusted to your taste.

On strawberries, after 4-5 months working on this recipe, I mixed with dozens of combinations on strawberries and I ended up on this.

It can be vaped @ 12-15 days, but the perfect result is after 3 weeks.

Mix and enjoy..

Still in the process of perfecting this profile.
This is v2 of strawberry custard?
In strawberry custard original I had planned to make.............a strawberry custard until after I mix and reliezed the 0.75-1 tpa carm original with 2-3fa custard. Taste EXACTLY like flan and more especially the wet caramel sauce... long start short it changed my goal.
This version is significantly closer to my goal but one this still remains. I can't get the strawberry right. In the og. I can only taste strawberry.a little. And same here Im thinking this mix would be done with an additional 4%tpa strawberry not ripe.
But I'm still steeping this mix so we will see. In the mean time. I'm gonna drop this here because its pretty fucking good imo.....

And ill post real notes mabey when im done... but

Tpa carm og. 0.75-1
Fa custard 2-3
Taste like custard with wet caremel sauce really nothing more to see here mix this and keep moving along

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