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(TPA) Caramel (original)

By: The Flavor Apprentice (TPA) - Buy Direct
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This is totally based on the article "Some Ry4's for You" by Wayne (Enyawreklaw). In said article he has the percentages listed for his "constant" with Ry4's and then descriptions of each Ry4 and it's percentage and so forth.

I've only just started playing with tobaccos and specifically TFA Ry4 double (of course) and I'm hooked, my next flavor order is laden with varieties of tobaccos so expect more tobacco based recipes.

As I said this is just a percentage tweak, after mixing up the "constant" with 5% Ry4 double it's an exquisitely smooth and warm and just moist enough while still being just dry enough to give an incredible pipe tobacco flavor with some real smokiness in there.

However I am obviously in love with butterscotch ripple so I switched it at 3% with the Ry4 at 5%, creating something entirely new and slightly sensual.

The name is tongue in cheek but I find it to be super accurate. This is a luscious, velvety smooth, butterscotchin', caramelin', definitely nutty, maybe slightly earthy/dirty, dusted with spices, desert "tobacco." I'll call it that, at least for now.

I'm honestly a shake and vapin' fool, I just can't ever wait to taste, but this has an awesome flavor immediately that only comes together more and more as time goes on. I really enjoy this because it's such a good sultry vape, I get tired of overly sweet flavors and this has its own sweetness without being over the top.

Also I typically mix my flavors and then 10%PG, 3mg/nic and top the rest off with VG but that's just me, I'm not very well read in VG/PG percentages so whatever your preference may be.

I've been mixing for a little over a year now and am recently feeling very comfortable with and enjoying my recipes but I'm still quite the novice so please any tips, tweaks, comments, critiques, remixes etc are most welcome.

I've been working on this complex recipie for a while now. I'm pretty satisfied with this being the final. Mix enjoy.

Cap funnel cake
Imo a very accurate funnel cake 4-5% is best when going for funnel cake as the main profile. It's pretty accurate imo.

Fa zeppola. This adds a little more dough to the funnel cake a little bit of sweet sugar notes as well

Cap sweet cream/marsh... Sweet cream is here just to make the over all flavor a little creamy. And marsh is just for the sweetness and mouthfeel.

Fa fuji/tpa caramel
Can be tasted inhale and exhale they both sit at the front of this profile and really top off this mix.

You can shake and vape is good but Fuji and caremel bent a lot after full steep.
1 week smells and taste wierd the dough really comes out a little too much.
2 weeks its spot on and awesone

More like flan especially with the wet caramel sauce...

Snv, its so surprising I can taste the wetness of the caramel

1 week steep. Not much has changed it all mellowed down and came together. But nothing special has changed.

Ps. Sorry I fking suck at notes


This is a straight forward Banana Cream dessert with whipped cream dolloped on top, then covered with a caramel sauce and sprinkled with toasted almonds. It's well balanced and addicting!
The custard helps build the body up and give the banana a pudding style flavor as well as keep the caramel on the top. Then you'll get a light whipped cream accented with a hint of toasted almond on the tail end of the exhale. The super sweet can be bumped to .5% if you like it a little sweeter.

This is the first recipe I made my own.
It has been made through my first steps in DIY. So dont be harsh at me :D

The main idea behind this recipe, is a pie which has strawberries as the main note, a crusty base with a hint of buttery biscuits (thats why I prefer INW Biscuit). Also there is a tone of caramel between the delicious Cream mixed with the Strawberries and the base of the Pie.

Maybe for some people this Recipe seems a little wrong, but its taste is realy good and realy close to what I wanted to be.

I will publish also a v2 of this recipe, where short of I keep the flavour result and I improve the using of the concentrates.


In keeping with the theme of Remix Month!

This is a flavour I'm very proud of and I am finally happy to release to the Public. This is a Remix of one of my favourite eliquids "Pear and Caramel" by Creamy Clouds ELiquids.

I found the original to be fairly sweet, so I decided to keep the Pear and Caramel base, but add some weight to it and make it a proper cheesecake.

Unctuous Caramel smothered over a Poached Pear sitting atop a freshly baked Cheesecake!

Flavour Notes:

TFA Pear
A beautiful, ripe grainy pear flavour with a slight candied pear taste in the background. It's fairly sweet on it's own, and doesn't have too much depth, but for this recipe it just seems to work the best.

CAP NY Cheesecake
The base for the recipe, You CANNOT sub this flavour out for the TFA Cheesecake. It just doesnt work. CAP NY Cheesecake has that beautiful cheesecake grain with a slight hint of vanilla and a great "bakery" flavour that just helps round everything off.

INW Biscuit
Initially I started with 0.5% but I found I was missing that classic biscuit base that I love so much on a cheesecake... this ingredient does it best. Buttery, Sweet and a great caramelised bakery flavour with just the slightest hint of toasted coconut... it's fantastic!

FA/TFA Caramel
This caramel combo is my "go-to" caramel combo for pretty much everything that needs a strong caramel flavour. It's a well rounded, slightly candied, but also fudge-y caramel combo that just rounds off the pear and cheesecake and really brings everything together.

TFA Ethyl Maltol
Just helps add the extra sweetness and round off those bakery notes from the INW Biscuit to sit with the NY Cheesecake a bit better.

After steep:
At first this tasted sour. like, soured cream almost... but after 3 days it seems to taste like a honey covered caramel cream

The cereal 27 adds a great honey grain to the mix.

caramel original helped mask the high/sourness from the vienna cream and brings out more of the caramel from catalan cream.

bavarian cream is the base. that sweet, custard-y cream.

Hazelnut works magic but you can probably leave it out if you'd prefer.

Why should you mix this up?

If you like honey and caramel and thickness to your vape.

steep this for 3 days minimum or it will be sour and not very good at all.

remember to rate and comment, even if you hate it. Maybe we can figure out why you don't like it and improve it for your tastes.

When using TFA's Smooth: Use only 1 drop per 10ML. so in a 30ml bottle use 3 drops. This blends it all together and puffs it up a little bit. Mutes the sour notes and brings out the more sweetness from the caramel.

Note: This is a first run. there's room for improvement.

Let it sit for 3 days minimum.

Best after 14-21 days.

E: This is pretty bad. I can't believe anyone saw this and thought it might be good.

Inspired by a post by "Froth" on ECF
I have not tried this, I'm sharing this as I mix it, so please no harsh comments if it's terrible. ;)
When I mixed Froth's idea from the forum it made my day I've been looking for a good earthy pear vape for a while. I added the super sweet, cinnamon, caramel, butterscotch, and the b. ripple.

This is my first attempt at a tobacco, and since I'm a die hard RY4 fan I couldn't resist. I usually sweeten my juices a lot, I figure the caramel original and the ry4 double will do enough for this recipe. Suggestions welcome. Thanks

This is a perfect vape for your coffee in the morning, would make a good vape for dark beer as well. Needs about 1-2 weeks to steep before all the flavors mesh together nicely & the Tiramisu to tame down. You could possibly use .5% Tiramisu if you're not a huge coffee fan, but I find this % perfect to give it that nice roasted flavor. Enjoy <3

Flavor Notes