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Strawberry cereal Donut Vape..The original Juice is Amazing..I think this is better...#GhostRider1983 from ELR had some of this mix worked out I tweaked it some and I think this is pretty close to the original..after a few days It will take on a mind of it's own and A nice yellow too!!!

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Frosted Flakes Cereal loaded with icing and sugar.

Cereal Base: CAP Cereal 27, FW Cake Yellow, FLV Popcorn, TPA AP, TFA Lucky Leprechaun
Frosting & Icing: LA Cream Cheese Icing, FLV Frosting, OOO Powered Sugar, CAP Vanilla Custard
Milk/Cream: FA Meringue, FA Marshmallow



I have No Apologies for my use of so many flavors because I like it!!! Who knows you may too!!! Oh and i think i nailed the profile. Let me know whether you think i did?? I took my Rubble Rock and some of id10ts lucky charms marshmallows and here it is a fruity pebbles with marshmallows in milk. It doesnt get much better than that.. I am sharing this recipe after a 1 week steep but i haven't been able to put it down since day 3 i really like it. You may want to boost the fruits depending on how long you want to steep this recipe. By boost i mean .25% for lemon meringue pie, blueberry, and mandarin but i havent needed to boost them myself but i do know from mixing rubble rock that you can do it if you need to. Other than that it is what it is a cereal vape enjoy!!!

Thanks to id10t for making his lucky charms recipe i thoroughly enjoyed using your marshmallow lol.

I used .35% Flavorah sweetness . Use whatever sweetener you prefer. Or dont use any at all your call.



You might not want to buy FW Cake Batter Dip to make this. It's got fructose in it, it will destroy your wicks relatively quick even at just 1%. It might be bad for you, too, burning sugars can release carcinogens. But if you have some already and want to use it, maybe give this a try. Unfortunately, I don't have a sub for it, it's unique. And it perfects the sweet cereal that's been baptized in milk and is starting to return to its doughy origin.

TFA Lucky Leprechaun has some oat puff cereal hiding in there with a somewhat weird (possibly emulating the taste of artificial coloring?) crisp cereal-type marshmallow. I used CAP Cereal 27 to draw it out of hiding. Took some work to make it happen without turning puffed oat into corn or multigrain cereal, but I think this gets it down. OoO Cream Milky PG helps with that, sort of wraps around it and keeps that cornflake pyrazine taste from being too assertive while also doing a fine job as a cereal milk. If you're lucky enough to own some FA Milk, you can add that at 1% for an even milker cereal with whole milk. TFA Meringue in my opinion is a slightly better option for sugary, toasty cereal and cereal milk perfecting than FA Meringue, which is a more authentic meringue. But if you only have FA Meringue, you can sub that at 1% instead of the 1.5% TFA Meringue. Although Lucky Lep is mostly a cereal marshmallow flavor, cranking it up high enough to really make the marshmallows stand out just gets too chemical-tasting and weird for me. FLV Marshmallow + FLV Whipped Cream finish putting the charms in Lucky's Charms. These two flavors are so similar that if you don't have one of them or are just too lazy to get them both out, you could make this with 1% of either instead of 0.5% of both. The difference will be how long you let the marshmallows soak in milk. All Marshmallow = No soak, just teeth-squeakingly crunchy mallows. All Whipped Cream = Marshmallows are getting milk-logged and have a slippy, gooey outer layer, but still have that crisp sugar center. I just happen to like a happy medium.

No flavor company executives' feelings were harmed in the making of this recipe.

This is fine to shake and vape - we'll see how it does later. I used yogurt and vanilla creme for a base then added some fruits. I really like cherry crush - it's not a strong cherry - more like a cherry punch- sweet and a bit candy-ish - although I haven't single-flavor tested it. But I've used it a couple times and it adds a nice flavor imo. Then lucky leprachaun and biscuit for some crunch - off the shake that doesn't come out yet.

I honestly can't remember where I got this recipe. I'm sure I tweaked it to my liking but I've been vaping this for atleast a year. Thanks to the original poster, whoever and wherever you are. Steep at least 1 week

Lucky charms cereal. This is my first attempt at this recipe may need tweaking

Zoo biscuit - a thick icing crusted biscuit, ligth brown outside with an off white inside. The icing is very sweet with a slight lemon undertone. When mixing this recipe it brought back all kinds of nostalgia, speifically licking off the animal icing figures.

JF Biscuit and Cap Sugar Cookie work wonders together in creating the correct biscuit profile, with INW Biscuit used to add depth and give the baked effect on the outside. TFA cheesecake graham crust is used to add a litte more depth to the biscuit base and gives a slight wafer hint.

FLV Frosting and LA Cream cheese icing work to create the hard icing on top of the biscuit, carrying the bulk of the sweetness.

FW Fruit Flakes is extremely strong, Less is more in this scenario, Too much and you will end up a fruitloops biscuit. You could proably get away with subbing it out for FW Fruit rings or TFA Fruit circles at around 0.5%, but I found FW Fruit Flakes just does the job right.

Some slight edits:
TFA Lucky Leprechaun adds a slightly malty flavour while carrying very light fruit loop non lemony notes.

Ethyl Maltol, my think here is the recipe needs some rounding off, especially to keep the lemony notes in check and bring a little balance to the biscuit.

Tastes great as a SnV but 2 weeks will only do the mix justice.



Tony's future was bright. Spending years perfecting his talent and product, He had climbed the ladder of the cereal kingdom.

He had established himself as the "face". Ad revenue and screen castings were rolling in. Tony was on top of the world.

That was until the birth of those little ADHD assho... I mean the gnomes. The snapping, the crackling, the popping. It drove Tony MAD!

Childrens and adults everywhere fell in love immediately.

Tony was forgotten. Pushed aside in favor of the new blood in the cereal game. Years passed, Tony dove deeper into depression.

Sitting, Alone. Disheartened. Defeated.

That was until he discovered a video on his wife's laptop. The video revealed the trio of noisy cereal characters had run a train on his wife!

ENRAGED Tony decided to battle back like Rocky! He would put those fucking midgets in their rightful place! His COMEBACK!

This, Is the product of his revenge. His one chance to take back the throne of the cereal world.

After killing all of them, He had a revelation. What if he used their blood to sweeten the cereal!?

The results, amazing.

The Gnomes and that two timing whore of a wife are now to be enjoyed by everyone! THIS. IS. TONY'S REVENGE!

|||| FLAVOR NOTES |||| (Because creative stories are apparently not cool anymore)

Profile Goal: Bottom of the bowl, drenched and drizzled, sweetened cereal milk.

Acetyl Pyrazine
Who doesn't know what AP is anymore?
It's an additive to impart a bready and grainy texture. At 1% it gives the mix a lightly baked characteristic.
It also covers the inclusion of slight berries some users report coming from Capella's Cereal 27.

Capella Cereal 27
This is the foundation the cornflake is built off of. At 5% here it's dominant as we want it to be in the profile.
Lightly sweet with some oat grain. Authentic cornflakes.

Lucky Leprechaun
For me, this is more milk and marshmallow than cereal. It adds smoothness to the recipe and contributes
to the experience by pairing with Milky undertones to add a thick milk base.

One on One Milky Undertones
This could potentially be replaced by FA Fresh Cream or another of your favorite milk bases, But OoO Milky
Undertones fit the profile from version one so I stuck with it. It paid off by contributing a nice dense milky finish.

TFA Bavarian Cream
This also offers to the rounding of the overall profile, Serving as a great blender and smoother for the grains and
the milky finish. It contains a nice low vanilla note barely perceptible but is a great addition to the milk.

TFA Marshmallow
In this mix it thickens and sweetens. Traditional frosted flakes are sweet as hell, But this isn't the final touch that
takes this from a mediocre frosted flakes, To an authentic sweet bowl.

CAP Super Sweet
This is it. This is what the initial mixes I was working on was missing. Being inherently against using sweeteners
for the sake of my coils, I was hesitant to try it. After it's inclusion it brought the entire mix to completion. At just
.5% it works, But .75% was the sweet spot matched side by side with a bowl of frosted flakes cereal milk.

Accompanying Video for further notes and entertainment:


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Bowl of Lucky Charms cereal with milk

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