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My ADV, a plain simple strawberry cheesecake that I never get bored.

*If you want more strawberries, add 1% on tfa strawberry or feel free to tweak however you like!

i know i know.... i just wanted to try this.... lets see how it turns out

Something I came up with in some spare time. If you hate or love it, please let me know either way!

This is a remix/clone of a premium e juice called Eggoh Man from Liquid Labs. I believe its not in production anymore, but I remember that stuff being really damn good. My only gripe was how much sweetener they used. So my challenge was to make the same profile with different flavors and less sweetener (they definitely didnt use SSA) and it turned out to actually taste the same but with more nuances, and just as sweet as it needs to be. Very effortlessly too, this recipe kind of just fell together.

LB Belgian Waffle: The base for the waffle, provides a nice combo of butter/maple but lacks on some of the texture. It's also kind of a background flavor and I wanted that waffle right in the front. But on a week steep, this stuff is delicious.

SSA Crisp Waffle: Literally what INW waffle wishes it was. It's identical in terms of profile, but way more refined imo. If making this recipe without the fruit, lower this to .7%, take out butter base, and add 1% FA Custard Premium.

FW Blueberry: My favorite blueberry, I think they may have used TFA Blueberry extra, I just like this stuff more. Both should work fine.

VT Butter Base: The belgian waffle provides butter but takes about a week for that butter to come out. I also just wanted more butter on my waffles.

FA Maple Syrup: I wanted more maple syrup, this is good at that.

Between that and butter base you're probably wondering why I didnt just go up on Belgian Waffle. So am I. But it's delicious, so I have to go with faith over practicality here. Plus Butter Base.

TFA Strawberry Ripe: The original had strawberry but I remember barely being able to taste it. So heres 1% strawberry ripe, because you can barely taste it.

PUR Super Sweet: What Cap wishes they made. If you're tired of your coils and cotton turning black after 2 days of SS at .5%, then this is for you. If you only have cap it'll do the same thing to the recipe, just sub at same percentage.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream: The recipe called for ice cream, I love this stuff.

Steep for at least 5 days for the SSA waffle to calm down and for the LB Belgian Waffle to wake up. Its very good in the shake though.

So yeah, this surprised me and I hope it surprises you too. If you give this a mix, whether you like it or hate it, I'd appreciate any and all feedback.

Flavorful and competitive with shelf juice. Raise Super Sweet to 1% for a nice steep. 2% ripe and 4% sweet strawberry another small tweak to try.


This tastes like a mouth full of buttery mash up of white and yellow cake with a little bit of pink frosting. After a night of failed gross mixes, I woke up and started fresh and attempted to follow one flavor down a rabbit hole. I started with Cupcake batter and wanted to do something with that because Ive barley used it. I spent a few minutes huffing flavors and thinking about what would pair well with its use.

Vanilla cupcake/White cake
These are my cake, I like white cake but am never really satisfied with it as the star of a recipe. I felt like it had some very similar cake notes to cupcake batter and the two might mesh well. They both have buttery presence to me and are very creamy. I think they work well I really wanted to throw some sugar cookie in there for more density but I refrained(this time).

Vanilla bean ice cream/Vanilla custard
I like a good cream base in most of my recipes. This one seemed to fit, I feel as if these two both have some of the same strong notes that my cakes had as well. I was kind of just pairing those notes so I felt like they fit well. They definitely add moisture to the texture, at least for me.

Strawberry Ripe/ Strawberry (RF)
These just give it a pink feel, I don't fuck around with a lot of strawberries. Strawberry RF is the goat for me. I don't know if you can even get that shit anymore (I panic bought a shit ton). Also contemplated going Sweet strawberry and WF strawberry gummy(might still try that). This part is really subjective I imagine any favorite strawberry combo will fit well.

Rarely post recipes, figured Id drop this one was feeling grateful for all the resources that are available. I follow the reddit community religiously (never post), hopefully someone with similar basic tastes as me will enjoy this one.

Thick, sweet, dark berry mix, mainly Blueberry and Raspberry with a jammy candy taste to it. INW Raspberry adds a little bit of tartness to the overall profile, which fits really well. Sweeten to taste


This is the BEST Strawberry Cheesecake recipe I've made to date! A nice natural cheesecake base smothered with a strawberry compote with pieces of strawberry mixed into the sauce.

Cheesecake base: WF Strawberry Cheesecake, CAP NY Cheesecake, FW Graham Cracker

Strawberry 🍓 Compote: WF Strawberry Gummy Candy (the syrup), FA Juicy Strawberry, TPA Strawberry Ripe (provides the fresh strawberry pieces)

Give it a mix & let me know what you think 🧐 3 days is enough for it to meld but I'm sure it'll only get better with more time...🤤🤤🤤 Sweetener is a necessity for me but feel free to add or remove your own... Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do!👊😃


This is a sweet fluffy strawberry cake, using WF Fluffy White Cake as the main base i find its accurate to the profile and packs plenty of puch at this %. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla helps lift the cake by providing some bright vanilla and dairy notes whilst WF Butter Cream Frosting bring in some sweet icing and buttery notes to the cake - Marshmallow vanilla works its magic by some what helping to bind it all together i find, rounds the edges and adds to the fluffy mouthfeel.
The strawberry combo here is pretty awesome - WF Juicy strawberry needs no intro and SSA Strawberry ripe is very bright and lifts the whole profile to a fluffy strawberry cake.

Yes.......I know.......


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By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 7.0% Mix: 5.0% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 40 / 100

This is a much more realistic representation of the sweet and tart strawberry with just a hint of the candy flavor.

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