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(WF) Almond Cookie SC

By: Wonder Flavours (WF) - Buy Direct

Used in 233 recipes at an average of 1.835%.


32 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Christmas Confections is an attempt at recreating the date and rice crispies cookies that my aunt used to make at Christmas time. I'm not sure if a date concentrate exists, but I would say the flavor is somewhere between a jammy fig and a cooked plum. I used FLV Fig at 0.5% and INW Smoked Plum at 0.2% (a ridiculously low % . . . but that stuff is powerful) to create the gooey resemblance of dates cooked in sugar. I added the WF Molasses to add the deep sweetness that comes with cooked dates. WF Almond Cookie (2%), TFA Rice Crunchies (3%), and TFA Coconut Candy (0.75%) make up the body of the cookie that's mixed in (similar to rice crispy treats) after the sugar and dates have cooked into a syrupy sweet mixture. FA Meringue (1%) and CAP Super Sweet (0.5%) round this out with that heavy coating of powdered sugar that the warm cookies are rolled in before serving.


Inspired by the king of cookie Chrisdvr1. One of the first cookies you can taste on the drawl. The almond is immediate. Then following is the crisp cookie with the almond backing it up. As you exhale you get the Vienna cream an the cream from the sugar. The almond is there to make sure the almond in almond cookie doesn’t get overtaken. The sugar cookie and crispy wafer battle each other for crispness and moistness do a great job of putting this cookie we’re it Needs to be and holding that line between dry and moist. Then the Vienna cream creams things up with the Bavarian cream to be the glue.

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