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Sanctum won't stop bothering me about posting this, so here it is. The addition of FW Sweetener is thanks to him and it really helps this one out.

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February 2021 - Duets

This is a duet using ID10-T's 1 2 3 Ocean Water and Commodore Mango.



I've had a special sort of love for 1 2 3 Ocean Water since I first mixed it. Not having a Sonic anywhere near me after moving away from Arizona last year, this one really hits the spot.

What could be better than that delicious and ridiculously blue drink? What if we threw a little mango in the mix? I'm a sucker for some mango, lime, and coconut. Cue Commodore Mango. With everything else going on I only really wanted to borrow the mangoes here.

After an initial attempt I decided to thumb in some WF Island, because while the mangoes were good, I love the trinity. After adding WF the mango was definitely overpowering everything else in the recipe so I decided to drop them all by 25%. This felt much better and I got more of the ocean water from the mix.

I was happy with it, but I felt it was still lacking a little something. I tossed a little FA Florida Key Lime at it and I really liked the result. I feel like it made the citrus pop and toned down the mango a bit more.

I would imagine you could add any sort of cooling you'd like if that's your bag. I hope you enjoy it.

Tested at 63 watts on a C4 using a SS316L 28ga SFQ coil, 4mm I.D., 5 wraps coming in at .21 ohms.

Mixed at 70/30 using River VG/PG.

I created something similar to the very popular commercial e juice here in Asia that I use to vape but in a better version. Since you already know most asian juices are very sweet and not really authentic.

This is a Straight up mango ice cream without the cone. The star of the recipe is the wf island mango but i added flv mango in the recipe to make it shine even more and not adding a musky note, with the wf island mango alone it is still missing something.
Hope you enjoy!

Just a simple, sweet, smooth mango and dragonfruit mix. Good off the shake, gets better with a quick steep.


PPM (Parts Per Millennium)

I was craving something fruity and I knew I wanted peach. FA White Peach is just about the best straight up peach flavor that's out there. It's real artificial and sweet. I've added a little FA Apricot to make it fleshy,

I paired the peach flavor here with a combination of CAP Golden Pineapple for that juicy artificial pineapple taste and WF Island Mango for that dark fruity pulp without the funk.

Here I am dreamin of summer vapes.

Add a little cooling if you like.

I used 0.5% CAP Super Sweet in here because I think it needs it but you can leave that part out if you want.


A delicious blend of fruits perfect for lower wattage/mtl/pod set ups.

LA Watermelon is a nice sweet candied type watermelon flavor. It's a little thin and weak so it pairs nicely with other fruits. Gonna make this one a little bit tropical with WF Island Mango. Island Mango is a decent artificial mango flavor. There's not too much funk to make this one weird. It goes nicely with watermelon. Of course I like to add a little FA Pear to most of my fruit mixes to make them nice and juicy. It gives those fruits lots of moisture and texture.

Sweeten to taste.

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Hardwicke bay, South Australia
Population 126

Sweet tropical mango with velvety vanilla ice cream

Decided to release early.

A creamy tropical mix of mango and passionfruit dressed with pineapple, guava and grapefuit.
A rmx of a previous profile

Wf Island mango was used because it reminds me of nasty Juice mango (which is my favourite 'premium' eliquid)
Vt shisha Mango brings in a slightly muskyness, making wf taste more realistic.

Cap sweet guava was used Because I'm obsessed with it & every tropical mix should contain it 😅.

Vt yellow passion has quickly become my favourite passionfruit flavouring. At 1.25% it adds just a hint of passionfruit to the end of the vape.

If you're not a fan off Ws23 then you can leave it out, I just prefer it with a hint of cold.

A commercial version of an old mango recipe brought back to life with the addition of Wonder flavors peach gummy candy and island mango it's sweet and flavorfull and candyish works well with tanks and duel coil rda's this is in your face mango could work well with high nicotine salts for a pod system..🥭🐻

I was thinking back upon the times I used to drink Cream Sodas, and having Italian Sodas from CPK. I thought hey why not add mango to this mix? I love mangos especially mango juice. So here we are, a mango cream soda with a refreshing bit of cool to it.

WF Island Mango is a really excellent mango and really does a great job at capturing the sweetness and flavor to a very ripe yellow mango. FLV Mango is yet another excellent one and adds the body of the fruit without the common overwhelming chese notes. VTA Shisha Mango is sweet yet has a bit of sour bite which is perfect for rounding off the fruit and giving it a bit of acidity to it.

VT Creaming Soda is the real player here and is quite phenominal for a cream soda base. I used it here at 1.5% as I didn't want to overwhelm the mix with notes of vanilla.

Now mangos are pretty naturally sweet fruits, and I wanted to replicate that profile especially since a cream soda is sweet on its own. I didn't want any off notes or muting so I settled for FW Sweetener and used it at 0.4% here just to give it a touch of sweetness since WF Island Mango is already sweet enough.

Lastly two drops of WS-23 or 0.25% provides just enough coolness to the mix to give it that nice iced finished without overtaking the whole mix.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have making it. Please feel free to rate and comment it.

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