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It's a recipe only with Wonder Flavors concentrates, for Developed's competition.
Not another one sugar coookie recipe, but an excelent cooperation, with concentrates of the same label.
Well, the first taste you get, is the old sugar cookies from granny's rounded tin box; now in this there is sewing items!
The Sugar Cookie have the first role with support of Shortbread Cookie. The Butter Cookie, tighten the dough and gives a little bit push to Cream Filling at the exhale.
I use Hazelnuts & Cream with Caramel Cream, (great pair for many uses) for a unique sense they gives!
For the cream, the Vanilla Cream Extra & Tahitian Vanilla Cream, with this combo, have the right balance.
Thin cream with the help of Cream Filling, make a smooth taste - not another cookies & cream.
Marshmallow use it, for the gummy effect but and for the connection between the creams.
Creme Brulee Cookie, is here for the cream, it seems like custard with a sense of caramel syrup and the cookie in addition, as a light buttered cookie.
Last but not least, both cream vanillas, give us no more-no less vanilla we want. The Tahitian is a delicate vanilla, perfect for bakery and the cream from Vanilla Extra, gives a "bold" and rounded filling.

A simple Cinnamon Crunch ...Of course Cinnamon Crunch is the star of this mix , its a flavor I can vape by itself . I added the Graham just to give the Crunch a little help . Vanilla Custard and Cream together make a nice cream base that isnt over whelming and let's the Cinnamon Crunch hang out throughout the vape...Simple, nothing ground breaking but worth a try ...

Tested with and Elder Dragon Rda

Very light vanilla tobacco with notes of caramel, cereal and marshmallow. Vanilla Ruyan Custard is one of my favorite flavors by Wonder Flavours. It is everything I want in a delicious RY4 type vape. I made this recipe to enhance some of Vanilla Ruyan Custard's strong suits

Vanilla Ruyan Custard - I Used VRC as my main note to carry all the other flavors. I used this flavor at 4.2% to really bring out the RY4 tobaccos notes and allow me to add other flavors that would complement it at their current percentages

Caramel Butter - I used caramel butter to add to the caramel in the RY4 type profile I was going for while still driving home a dessert profile

Flapper Pie - Flapper Pie was used here to blend the Caramel Butter and and Caramel Rice Crispy Treats into the Vanilla Ruyan Custard and further the dessert profile of this mild tobacco recipe

Caramel Rice Treat helps fill out the tobacco notes with a hint of cereal while while adding to the caramels in this recipe

Lastly Marshmallow (Gooey) - Marshmallow (Gooey) was used in this recipe to give it body and add some sweetness. It give a nice sticky mouthfeel to the ry4 flavor her

Sweeten to taste. It doesn't need it, but if you like your juices on the sweeter side i suggest WF Sweetener (SC) @ .5 - .75%

A very berry grape pina colada drink just for the big purple man himself Frank Eblender from W●nDeR FlaV○Rs and the Developed crue thank you all for another assignment.

The Mai Tai is one of the most famous Tiki drinks in the world. Composed of rum, orange curaçao, fresh lime juice and orgeat (almond syrup), it’s dominated cocktail menu's for decades. Pineapple juice was a later improvisation, never part of the original base. According to legend, the name Mai Tai came from the first person to ever try the cocktail who shouted “Mai Tai!” which means “the best—out of this world” in Tahitian.

I made a conscious depiction, from the onset, to stick to "classic" flavours to pay homage to this classic cocktail. I admit that some of the new kids on the block (MB, VT, etc) can serve as a suitable analogue to some of these flavours but I wanted to keep it as authentic & traditional as possible.

Pineapple duo - a classic, combo of the godfathers of pineapple in INW & Cap Golden. This combo just works so well together and lays a rock solid foundation. Authentic, fresh & ripe pineapple = no more, no less...

Shisha Orange is a full, juicy, fresh orange with no artificial notes. This is a straight up orange without the excessive acidic notes (one extreme) or cloying sweetness (other extreme) present in many orange concentrates. There is a fabulous zesty back note which emphasizes the authenticity perfectly. Did I mention that it does not fade - ever!

Lime Tahity is the obvious choice, given its name!... There's not much more I can say about this phenom other than that it is a refreshing, slightly tart, fresh & authentic lime juice.

FA Almond replicates the orgeat, and in reality struggles a bit to push through the relatively strong fruit notes. It announces itself more prominently after a couple of days and sits proudly in the background. The addition of a touch of sweetener boosts the nuttiness slightly.

FA Jamaica rounds off our captivating cocktail and by adding the traditional rum forward taste profile. Feel free to drop the rum to 0.5 for a less rum prominent experience.

Sweeten to taste & enjoy!

Its a nice chocolate vape if you like chocolate this is for you with a hint of cigar

I tried this recipe with FLV only at first but it needed help
FLV rose essence was too weak, I found a blend of INW wild rose and rose essence works best
FLV pistachio worked just fine by itself a but I thought it was much better with SSA creamy pistachio
added FLV marshmallow to achieve the mouthfeel of a Turkish delight
bear in mind that this is a VERY rose and pistachio heavy mix

this tastes to me like a 1st attempt at a homemade Turkish delight with all the expected mistakes and off flavors, it's by no means perfect , a splash too much rose essence dripped into the pot and a bit too much citrus. while I'm definitely will be working on a milder, more gooey and a better version of this, I really liked this version and definitely keeping it so I thought I'd share.
Turkish delight is essentially starch, water and sugar boiled with a squeeze of lemon/lime or a bit of citric acid and rose essence ( or Orange blossom )

unfortunately I'm not sure about the steeping time as the bottle steeped for over two months before I got to try it =[

tested with tri-core fused-claptons in an intake dual RTA
(Edited: FLV pistachio % typo)

This is this is my rendition of a breakfast crepe I had once in a diner in Georgia. A sweet crepe filled with a luxurious vanilla cream and peach compote.
We start with WF Crepe because its a thin pancake, WF Angel Cake to give the pancake some extra body, WF Cannoli Shell for extra flavor and to add a cooked aspect to the pancake and WF Bavarian Cream to keep it moist. Then to fill the Crepe I used WF Peach Pie and Cream which has a very light crust, light cream and a great peach flavor. Also I boosted the cream with WF Vanilla Cream Extra and a little bit of WF Peach Gummy Candy to really make that peach stand out.

I am a tobacco boy now. I know, I know. This guy can't do tobaccos too. How are the rest of us going to compete? You can't.

I am on brand.

I bought a few tobacco and then talked with @nowar about them. A few weeks later, I was sent a handful more and this is one of the love children spawned from it.
This is the warmer weather dessert tobacco that I really really fell in love with.

FLV Native for a mild and straight-forward tobacco.
FLV Turkish to add some spice.
FLV Cured because Duncan said so and he was right.
FLV Sweet Coconut to cream this up.
VT Dessicated for a more authentic coconut.
FLV Pumpkin Spice to make you all regret those preconceived notions about it.
WF Cookie Butter for a hint of bakery and some richness.

Cap strawberries and cream is a sleeper flavor. Combined with TFA strawberries and cream makes this the stars of the mix. FW Bavarian cream is a great old school flavor. Sweetener is optional but I prefer it to give this mix a commercial style.