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A lot going on with this profile, but this turned out tasty off the shake
. The funnel cake needs a little time to come thru

Tested on the Asgard Mini. Dual fused N80 Claptons .20 ohms

Cap Funnel cake with powdered sugar for the base
SSA Ripe banana backed up with VT

Banana custard to also help with mouthfeel and contribute to the frosting consisting of VT buttercream frosting and OOO Whipped cream with some crumble topping to add to the bakery

Blueberry Rhubarb Brown Sugar Ice Cream based on the Joker. For Vaping Trucker's Mixing Helping Mixers Show.
4 days for the floral to steep out and another day for everything to settle in.

This is my rendition of Lucky Charms Cereal. The Marshmallow is very prominent in the mix and blends well with OOO Cream Milky (Undertone) and VT Milk Fresh. OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla) is by far the best marshmallow flavor out there. In this recipe it doesn't disappoint!!

Please try and give your honest feedback!!


I created something similar to the very popular commercial e juice here in Asia that I use to vape but in a better version. Since you already know most asian juices are very sweet and not really authentic.

This is a Straight up mango ice cream without the cone. The star of the recipe is the wf island mango but i added flv mango in the recipe to make it shine even more and not adding a musky note, with the wf island mango alone it is still missing something.
Hope you enjoy!

My ADV, a plain simple strawberry cheesecake that I never get bored.

*If you want more strawberries, add 1% on tfa strawberry or feel free to tweak however you like!

so one day I made the mistake of filling my tank with the wrong bottle and I really enjoyed Anise and Blackberry together.
I started trying a variation of this mix every couple of months and after trying FLV Red Apple I had to try all three together and I'm very satisfied with the result.

I would definitely recommend adding 0.25-0.5% Cap Super sweet if you don't mind it sweeter, I personally enjoy it better with a bit of SS.

Tested with dual dual-core fused-claptons / Blotto RTA

West Hill Brandy - Notes of black currant with a honeysuckle finish, Also tastes like brandy. Found in the wine cellar in the basement of Vigil's Keep in Northern Ferelden.

*Black Currant is Silverline which isn't an option , but that is made by Capella.

Unintentional juicy chewing gum was aiming for something completely different and ended up with a copyrighted chewing gum.

Sweet and creamy nutty buttery custard not to heavy just right...

Finally able to post on all the flavours. I will be sharing more of my recipe in the upcoming days.
it's a really delicious cinnamon glazed donut. At first I tried it without the (WF) Deep fried pastry though it's still delicious but not really what I am after for.
it's a game changer and made it really authentic.

* Really love the mouthfeel
Hope you guys enjoy!