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Using ECX flavors. A simple, sweet and slightly tart strawberry lemonade. The Juicy Lemon could be adjusted up a 0.5% for a bit more lemony tartness.


A perfect Pink Starburst. Creamy and sweet. This is flavor-bending in action, mind-blowing execution from a master on ELR. Amy is on point, as usual.

This was my ADV for many months. Needs 24 hours to bloom and homogenize. The timeframe is about 3 weeks before the FLV ingredients start to fade. All credit to the BRILLIANT mixer "Amy***" from ELR. Hope to see her posting on ATF soon.


A tasty simple almond cookie,which can also be used as an Almondstone base


This is ENYAWREKLAW'S SVBICC. Not my recipe. Very nice strawberry ice cream inhale with a subtle cone kick on exhale. Awesome ADV. Add 1 drop of Mts Vape Wizard per 15 ml.


I felt inspired by Wayne's Pistachio RY4 and wanted to make something along those lines, but a bit more creamy and nutty. The milk and honey is super sweet. Pistachio and marzipan adds a smooth nuttiness. RY4 double is a creamy sweet tobacco


A refreshing mix of strawberry and pineapple with some stone fruit accents. Add your preferred strength of Koolada to turn this recipe into a perfect summertime vape.

Tastes like god damn teddy grahams.

Steep: Best at 2 weeks, vapable beforehand, though

A dessert that originated in New Zealand. Essentially just a plate of meringue, a layer of cream, and topped with strawberries, nectarines, and lemon zest.


Strawberry Custard