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How can you Support All The Flavors?

The first way is the most obvious. Sign up for a pro account. It's less than two bucks a month, and it gives you some pretty substantial benefits.
The Awesome Box is coming, and the more people that pre order it now, the more awesome it will be. You won't get charged until it ships, either.
You can also give pro by buying a friend a 1, 12, or 24 month subscription, from your profile page.
Buying stuff from the ads is a tiny part of All The Flavor's income, but it could grow. If you've disabled them, you can reactivate them on your settings page.
If you're buying stuff from Amazon.com anyway, why not use my affiliate link? It won't cost you anything and it'll net me a tiny fraction of the price for the next 24 hours. Just click this link and buy as normal. I won't get your name or personal details, but I will see what everybody bought. If it's something interesting, I'll probably mention it in a video.
Watch, like and subscribe. If you feel like it, sit through an ad, and if you like what it's trying to sell you, give it a click. While you're at it, leave a comment. Comments keep creators going.
Some people just want to hand All The Flavors money. I'm not going to say no, so here's a PayPal link. Leave me a message if it's for something you particularly liked or some project you want it to fund specially.
Many people are contributing to the effort of tagging every flavor in use on All The Flavors. You can join in anytime, anywhere.