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Real Blue Moon Ice Cream

I grew up in northeast Ohio and after reading the reviews for RF SC Blue Moon Ice Cream I was a little disappointed that everyone was getting blueberry and maybe orange flavoring which is not true blue moon ice cream from the Lake Erie area. The recipes are a little different from each state but most of them share the raspberry, lemon, and vanilla combo and of course tons of blue food coloring. This is my take on the my favorite version that contains little tiny pieces of pineapple. I used this recipe as a reference:


I'll add some notes and may make a few adjustments but I made 2 different variations last night. The first one I tried to cheat and use vanilla bean ice cream as the base and it was good but didn't seem as accurate as this one where I made the ice cream from scratch using the recipe above. The flavors I used are decent as a shake and vape but the creams should develop a bit after a week or so.

If you are from the Northeast or Midwest and remember this delicious treat mix this up and let me know what you think! I got a craving for it after reading about the RF SC reviews and this definitely is hitting the spot.


FLV Lemon Tea - This tastes a lot like an Arnold Palmer by itself. I wanted to make a refreshing summer drink with this as the base after I did a single flavor test with it.
CAP Hibiscus - This flavor was from my first DIY order and I have been trying to find a way to use the rest of it and I knew hibiscus and tea work well together in beverages so here it is in my beverage vape. It's pretty sweet and not overly floral in this recipe. I would say it's optional but I mixed this up without it and it's just not the same.
FA Forest Mix + TPA Blackberry - These two flavors together have been my go to for the lemonade recipes I have been playing around with. The lemonade really made these berries pop. The Lemon Tea is no different the lemon brings the berries forward.

CAP Super Sweet - Optional. I live in NC and sweet tea here requires like 1:1 sugar to tea ratio so I added super sweet to make it more authentic.

Add Koolada or your favorite cooling agent if you want it cold. Hope you enjoy it!

I stripped out the cake base from mlNikon and Cheeba Steeba's Peaches n' Cream Cake to use as a starting point after I picked up FLV Milk Chocolate and decided that I wanted to make a chocolate cherry cake vape. This was my first attempt but it turned out way better than I anticipated so I decided to share it.

FLV Milk Chocolate & FLV Sweet Coconut - after tasting Hear the Girls Come (ID10-T) I couldn't separate these two. I needed more chocolate so I bumped up the percentages of both.

FW Cherry Crush - I have a ton of cherry flavor concentrates and most of them taste medicinal. I needed a cherry pie filling type flavor like you would use in a real chocolate cherry cake and this one seemed like it would fit.

I plowed through this as a S&V but it tasted even better after a week.

User: Choose Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I have never tried the original but I have tried the other remixes and this is definitely my favorite! Definitely worthy of the 5 stars after 1 day. Love the artwork you post with your recipes.
User: Choose Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
I went and purchased a cheap refillable pod device to try out and purchased a nic salt juice from the store about a week ago to try it out while I waited for my nic salt base to arrive. I mixed this up today at about 25mg/ml to match the store bought stuff and this is way more flavorful. I need to try the non-pod recipe because I've had 0 luck with FLV Sour Apple in anything I've tried it was just a harsh mess but it tastes amazing in this recipe with the pod.
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