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This is taking my Guava Soda recipe and tweaking it into a cream float for the #MHM homework of Cream Soda Ice Cream.....

You can find my inspiration from the origional recipe here: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/201375#guava_soda_by_johnny2vapes

Update: I changed the LB Vanilla Ice Cream to TFA's Vanilla Bean Ice cream and sat it at 1.5% as it was overtaking the delicate notes of the guava, I also changed the FLV white chocolate for FLV Cream since it's just a much better bridge to the ice cream. Lastly I was lacking the element of carbonation so I figured a little VT Sherbet would do the trick. Thank you to @Wolfwheeler for the help in tweaking this recipe


A spin off my Mango Cream Soda...

Here we have a delightful and simple Guava Soda, with fresh bright notes of guava followed by a slight cream note.

CAP Sweet Guava is pretty good as far as guava flavors go and FLV Pink Guava is a rock solid bright pink flavor which perfectly supports the CAP Sweet Guava. This makes up the Guava fruit portion of this mix.

Lastly no surprise VTA Creaming Soda is used here for the cream soda base and it's sitting perfectly at 1.5%

FA Kiwi adds a bit more realism and body behind the vape but I didn't want the kiwi flavor to punch through so only a little was used for this application.

I also needed the mix to bee on the cooler side since let's face it, hot warm soda is plain disgusting but a fresh cold soda is refreshing, so I reached for a little WS-23 and used about 0.4% to add enough coolness to the vape but not enough to give any off notes.

Finally Guavas are sweet, Cream Soda is sweet, and you can't have sweet without sweetener. My first thought was to use CAP Super Sweet since it has citric acid in it and that would benefit the guava right? I didn't have such luck with that so I opted for one of my go to sweeteners FW Sweetener and sat it at a 0.5%

I was thinking back upon the times I used to drink Cream Sodas, and having Italian Sodas from CPK. I thought hey why not add mango to this mix? I love mangos especially mango juice. So here we are, a mango cream soda with a refreshing bit of cool to it.

WF Island Mango is a really excellent mango and really does a great job at capturing the sweetness and flavor to a very ripe yellow mango. FLV Mango is yet another excellent one and adds the body of the fruit without the common overwhelming chese notes. VTA Shisha Mango is sweet yet has a bit of sour bite which is perfect for rounding off the fruit and giving it a bit of acidity to it.

VT Creaming Soda is the real player here and is quite phenominal for a cream soda base. I used it here at 1.5% as I didn't want to overwhelm the mix with notes of vanilla.

Now mangos are pretty naturally sweet fruits, and I wanted to replicate that profile especially since a cream soda is sweet on its own. I didn't want any off notes or muting so I settled for FW Sweetener and used it at 0.4% here just to give it a touch of sweetness since WF Island Mango is already sweet enough.

Lastly two drops of WS-23 or 0.25% provides just enough coolness to the mix to give it that nice iced finished without overtaking the whole mix.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have making it. Please feel free to rate and comment it.


My simple take on a boysenberry cream pie. This is made for the Developed Pie Challenge

I start by using possibly one of the best boysenberries out there,
FLV Boysenberry, next I use JF Boysenberry to add a slight bit of stickyness to the pie filling.

FA Apple Pie is used on the lower end here as it provides a good pie crust base while CAP SC softens up the crust to give it a delicate mouthfeel.

Now onto the creams! CAP Sweet Cream is just fantastic all around and helps provide the sweet almost whipped like cream base to a pie. I added a little FA Fresh Cream here to help boost the cream profile and also thicken the cream base.

CAP SS is optional but I think it really helps provide a more authentic pie. I use it at 0.25% here as I don't want to mute out the flavors and oversweeten it, just enough to provide the every so sticky sweet taste a gooey pie has

SUBS: If you want a slightly more baked crust, replace CAP Sugar Cookie with FW Pie Crust at 0.75%

FW Caramel Candy and FW Salted Caramel make up the rich gooey caramel layer much like a chewy caramel candy

FW Bavarian Cream adds a layer of smoothness to the caramel to give it more of a creamy texture, also boosts the custard

INW Custard provides the rich and thick custard base

Steep time: Pretty solid for a SnV using INW Custard, almost a Creme Brule at first. It starts to pop out and blend at the 4 day mark but shines up at the week mark.

Photo from: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/245943/salted-caramel-custard/

CAP Sugar Cookie is the star of the show here. The buttery yet soft cookie provides the perfect base to this cookie.

JF Cookie helps shape it and provide the realistic crunchy edges and golden flavor that a fresh baked cookies have.

TFA Butter is used just low enough to provide a buttery note that is present in a fresh sugar cookie or even snickerdoodle.

CAP Cinnamon Sugar and FLV Rich Cinnamon provide the spice backnotes to a true spice dusted sugar cookie

FLV Vanilla Custard helps provide the right amount of body while thickening the mix to provide a dense slighhtly saturated mouthfeel that you get when eating a sugar cookie.

CAP Super Sweet at 0.25% to 0.5% is crutial here to provide the sweetness you get while eating cookies especially one as sweet as a sugar cookie. I like it at 0.25% however

SUBS: If you don't have FLV Vanilla Custard you can use CAP Vanilla Custard at 1%,

User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Mixing this up again after quite a hiatus from it. Best dang CTC mix out there and by far the most accurate, I like how it's not overpowering like most CTC types out comercially. Plus it's not terribly sweet either for the profile. It even nails the minor malty/creamy notes the actual cereal has and makes me feel like I am having a bowl full of it. Definitely a mix and vape right away type to have in rotation if you like cereals.
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Pretty Solid, I like it! I upped the MB to 4% and it's playing nice with the fruits. I like how the use of banana cream and marshmallow here gives the bubblegum a softer texture. Pretty good off the Shake, definitely a SnV recipe
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Very solid Ice Cream Base which can be easily manipulated into any type of ice cream! It's even good off the shake, Good Job again Nick!
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Just mixed this one up couple days ago because I absolutely love S'mores and boy o boy did it not dissapoint! Very realistic and not stupidly sweet like a lot of s'mores mixes out there. The chocolate is nicely detectable while you get lovely notes of the graham craker and gooey marshmallow. Very good basic 3 ingredient mix!
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 4 Entered: 2 months ago
This is a pretty good light cream off the initial mix. So far enjoying this one as is and will see how much more I enjoy it after a good 5 day steep.
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 4 Entered: 2 months ago
First off I can't believe I just recently discovered this recipe, secondly.... WOW it's mellow, authentic to fruit loops and doesn't have that harsh lemon note that so many of them out there have using FW or TFA fruit circles. I'm already thinking this isn't bad off the shake so I can't wait to see what the steep time does to this mix.
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 4 Entered: 2 months ago
I've bought and vaped a good share of #32 by Beard Vapes and this tastes a lot like it. I was skeptical at first and thinking no way could this be CDS and I was proven wrong just by the initial taste taste. It's definitely not as sweet as the comercial line but that's not a bad thing.
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
I love Mangos, I like cool vapes, and I like light banana flavors... This hits all of that and knocks it outta the park for me. This has to be one of my favorite warm summertime vapes that I can mix and keep mixing up. I also love how super simple it is.
User: Johnny2Vapes Score: 3 Entered: about 2 months ago
Just mixed this up and am plesantly surprised, I thought the lemonade would be lost and unoticed in the mix since it's used so low but I was wrong. I'm not a big LA Lemonade fan but this is nice to have in a rotation when you have mixed endlessly for the past week or just get burnt out trying to perfect that one recipe. Nice light vape, I subbed the menthol out with a quarter % of WS-23 since I am not a fan of menthol and it's really like and icy not overly chilled. I did use a little more sweetener than called for but all in all 1% FW sweetener even works with this mix.
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