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I wanted something fruity last summer, and what I ended up with is this thing. I remember it being quite tasty, but I haven't mixed it in quite some time. If menthol isn't your thing, just pass this one up. It's pretty straightforward. Strawberry, Watermelon, and some lime. Throw in some menthol to cool it down. That's all there is to it.

Okay, so everyone has their strawberry and cream vape. This one is mine. I derived this from ye ol' Mustard Milk, after messing around, adding and subtracting things over about a six month period of time. Less strawberry and more cream.

CAP Sweet Strawberry and TFA Strawberry 1:1, I think, makes a great artificial strawberry flavor, and it's what I ended up settling on for this version.

TFA VBIC at 6% makes a great creamy base for us. I apologize if you get pepper from it. It truly is a shame some people do. We add TFA Vanilla Swirl at 2% and CAP Sweet Cream at 2.5% to give us an excellent cream that is not too sweet, and loaded with plenty of vanilla.

Another recipe I made while watching Pineapple Express one lonely Autumn night last year. The idea with this one was to make a tangerine cinnamon sugar cookie with a bit of powdered sugar on top.

Again, don't really have flavor notes for this one, but it did turn out wonderfully. It's a delicious mess, and it's one of my favorites. I regularly keep this in my rotation of juices.

The general gist is that we use CAP Sugar Cookie as the base, throw in some cinnamon with CAP CDS, throw tangerine in with CAP Sweet Tangerine and FW Tangerine, and finish it off with some buttery goodness with CAP Butter Cream and throw some powdered sugarriness on top with FA Meringue.

Okay. This one is interesting. I've had someone say it tastes like some sort of Japanese candy that I've never heard of. Someone has said it tastes like Skittles. I don't know about that. All I know is that it is tasty. I wasn't going for candy at all. I wanted, first and foremost, a peachy recipe. What I ended up with is fruity bliss.

First off, the stars of the show are INW Peach and TFA Juicy Peach. TFA at 3 for the in-your-face peachy goodness we all know. INW Peach at 0.5% to add a more artificial peach (this is what contributed to the candyness, as it tastes a lot like peach rings by itself). Put together, they do make an awesome combo.

Next up, FW Orange and FW Blood Orange at 1 and 3% (respectively) add to the punchiness. I typically associate a good fruit punch with a decent amount of citrus, with more exotic notes in the background, and the oranges along with FA Lemon Sicily add the right amount of citrus to the mix. The big issue here, though, is that this shit is going to hit the back of the throat like a Mack Truck if we don't do something else.

The big winner here, in my opinion, is TFA Cantaloupe. Not only does it sweeten the entire mix, but it also adds an excellent exotic note, AND gets rid of the harshness of the juice nearly entirely. At 5%, TFA Cantaloupe might not be the main note, but I believe it is the star of the show. Without it, I don't think the recipe would be nearly what it is. It was an oddball thing that I just decided to throw in while testing the recipe out, and it worked very well.

I shake and vape this, but if you let it steep a few days everything comes together a little more.


Creamy marshmallow goodness. It's as simple as that. I wanted a marshmallow vape. I was watching Pineapple Express. Davinci's Brush was born. I honestly don't have any notes for this recipe. It was thrown together pretty quickly, but turned out wonderfully. I'll try and go through my thought process, though.

"TFA Marshmallow and FA Marshmallow taste yummy. They're both marshmallows. Fucking Franco. I bet they'll taste like hot air if I don't do something, though. Graham Cracker. That shit's tasty. Just enough to sit under the 'mellows. VBIC. Tasty. It's white, too. Throw that in there. Add some volume to the 'mellows. Bavarian Cream? I guess. Turn it into some kinda cool creamy marshmallow thing? Huh. Okay, then. You are crazy with them names, Ted. You are. "

CAP Churro at 4% is a solid foundation to start off of. The concentrate isn't the best by itself, but if we modify it a bit, it can be good.

First, I thought it needed a bit more cinnamon. I decided on CAP CDS at 1%. Used here, it adds the cinnamon that we are looking for, and not an overbearing amount of it. With an added benefit of some bakery notes, it worked wonderfully.

CAP Sugar Cookie at 1% is used to do two things here. First, I think it makes the churros more airy. Second, it adds sugary goodness to the churros that I believe was also needed. Honestly, CAP Sugar Cookie an have a place in any bakery type recipe, and it works great here.

TFA VBIC at 2% is used to add a bit of vanilla, and a slight eggy note. I'm not sure about you all, but for some reason TFA VBIC gives off a slight eggy note to me. Either way, it does the trick.

This is one of those recipes that I truly love. I'm a huge bakery/cream guy, and this hits all the notes for me

CAP Boston Cream Pie v2 is the only version I was able to find at the time I formulated this recipe. I haven't looked for the original version, but the v2 does the job. When I made the recipe, I got a little influence from our good buddy Wayne. One of the first recipes I mixed was Bronuts. Now, I wasn't a fan, but I'm not knocking it by any means. It actually helped me out a lot, though. It gave me the idea to take a single flavor that was already decent or good (BCPv2) and add to it to make it better, like Wayne did with CAP Chocolate Glazed Doughnut. So. CAP BCPv2 at 7% gives us a solid foundation to build off of.

From the base, I felt the first addition needed to be more custard, because, if you didn't know, Boston Cream Pie is actually two chunks of yellow cake slapped together with some vanilla custard used as mortar, slathered with delicious chocolate frosting or ganache. CAP Vanilla Custard v1, the all-star, at 2% was just enough to add in an excellent base for that mortar we need. I used CAP NY Cheesecake at 0.5% to tone down the sweetness of the the custard, and TFA VBIC at 1% to lighten it up just a bit and add in some more vanilla goodness.

Finally, and this is the questionable ingredient, FW Yellow Cake at 0.75% is used to add in, well, cake. I felt that we needed a little more cakey goodness here. At first I tried 1.5%, and it was a little too much. The mix came out very sweet, due to the sucrose, so I lowered it down a bit. Less cancer. More yum. Win win.

I do mix this recipe strictly at MAX VG, but that's just personal preference. There's no real reason for it, I just prefer this one to be silky smooth.

I tried a few different cherries here, most notably TFA Black Cherry, FA Black Cherry, and INW Cherries. Wild Cherry by CAP ended up being the one to go for in this case. Yes, it does have stevia. I know. It's sweet. I know. How do we fix that...

... With INW Lime. This stuff is the bomb. I love it. It's in-your-face lime action. It's like someone loaded their shot shells with chunks of fresh lime and blasted you in the face with it. It's damn good. This together with the CAP Wild Cherry creates a nice balance of sweet and tart to our mix. Just remember that a little goes a long way, as with most of Inawera's flavors. 1.5% is PLENTY of lime, and, honestly, some people have said it's over limey. Those people aren't me, though, and I love me some lime.

Now. We have the cherry. We have the lime. We need the ade. INW Cactus will help with that. Used here at .5%, it make the juice... Juicy. It's a commonly known additive, and it works great here. The TFA Dragonfruit at .5% is used to bring the lime and cherry together. Again, common knowledge, but important nonetheless.

So, a co-worker's girlfriend's step-sister's grandmother (no joke) wanted a simple sweet spearmint menthol" flavor. She just started vaping after decades of smoking and couldn't find anything that gave her that strong mentholated minty goodness she got from her cigarettes. At the time, having no knowledge of spearmint or menthol, I decided to go to BCF and order some things. After looking at a few things, I ended up with these two flavors. There wasn't too much thought put into this recipe, honestly, but it did turn out delicious.

FA Spearmint... What can I say? It's just like Wrigley's or Trident spearmint gum. It's sweet enough all by itself, so it fit perfect in this recipe. The ginger got lucky and didn't need to try another flavor for once. Used here at 4.5%, I think it is just bright and sweet and minty enough for what I was going for, and what I was asked for. If you're a fan of minty goodness, you will enjoy this flavor. Also, as a side note, apparently it is now called White Winter, and not just FA Spearmint.

FW Menthol... It's menthol. That's all there is to say, honestly. It's strong stuff, so 0.5% was plenty enough.

Oh, that smooth caramel skin... Let's put that in a bottle, yeah? I took the cream base for "Ginger Sauce" and augmented it a bit to make a caramel cream that is sure to knock at that sweet tooth. FA Caramel and FA Catalan Cream were made for each other, and a quick sniff of the two is plenty enough to tell anyone that. I took out the CAP Graham Cracker v1 and CAP Vanilla Custard v1 out of "Ginger Sauce" and kept the cream base for this recipe. It's fairly straightforward. I hope you enjoy it.

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