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Going for a Julius here..It's not all the way there but it's pretty good! May have to find another orange to add in to make it a little more orange punchy...

I love Elvis and I love PB and Banana sandwiches and so did the King....I originally went higher on the peanut butter and it was way to much peanut butter...this is a little more subtle..I don't think this recipe is perfect yet but I wanted to put it out there maybe someone will have a few suggestions?

One of the First recipes I ever made...The white chocolate peppermint from LB is the star of the show here. It was my very first order of flavors I got in my beginner kit from LB. Obviously it can be subbed and played with but It's a delicious christmas time vape...Nice and Cool just the way I like it!

edit: 11/08/19. Lowered percentages and tweaked some due to age of recipe and lots of people still mixing it..

Not my recipe!! But so good especially for those who love Menthol...Supposedly this stuff will clear out Vaper's tongue and I have found that it clears you out period!! LoL ..I added some ws23 to give a little more throat hit

Original Recipe here

Strawberry cereal Donut Vape..The original Juice is Amazing..I think this is better...#GhostRider1983 from ELR had some of this mix worked out I tweaked it some and I think this is pretty close to the original..after a few days It will take on a mind of it's own and A nice yellow too!!!

GhostRider1983 recipes found here


A nice creamy Blackberry Cheesecake...I love Caps Blackberry It's so delicious!! I went with a mix of different cakes and custards to give a nice Cake body to this...I think it came out great and have vaped it many times!

This is an attempt at making Disneys favorite Ice cream treat...However the first time I ever had it was NOT at disney but a little Peruvian restaurant..I couldn't believe how fantastic it was! Here is my attempt at creating it..I'm sure any cream bases will work I used Sweet cream because I didn't want to use vanilla custard as it was take over the whole recipe so I went with Sweet cream and Vanilla swirl.

This is a remix of Carnival Berry Lemonade...Same sweet taste..It's very close to the original. I think the Harvest Berry in this shines in the mix ..LorAnn Lemonade is a Hero here obviously being a lemonade vape..I tried lemon sicily and a few others before trying Lorann and once I tried Lorann I knew It was a GO...May be one of the best summertime vapes and best shake and vapes I've ever had


Banana cheesecake with a note of sweet butterscotch drizzle...I love a good creamy banana vape..It may be a little sweet for some..But for me it's just right

I had a strawberry watermelon menthol from USA Vape Lab and it was fantastic. I wanted to make something similar but more strawberry and colder and that is what I came up with....This Vape is very COLD..I am a menthol kinda guy so you will see a lot of my mixes float down that alley..I haven't tried to make this without the cold If you do please let me know how it turned out..For me it is the perfect amount of cooling for some it will be way to high so it may need to be adjusted but for me it is perfect!!

User: XxBulldogIrishxX Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
It's very good... I think/thought the Arctic winter at 10 percent was /is a little high but it's very cool and tasty thanks! I say was/is because I'm gonna try it was little lower I think it will still have the same effect.. Or did you try?
User: XxBulldogIrishxX Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
hmmm sounds good gotta try this out..Thanks!
User: XxBulldogIrishxX Score: None Entered: over 1 year ago
how was it? looks great but i'm missing 2 flavors...I love Cannoli be one would love something remotely close
User: XxBulldogIrishxX Score: None Entered: about 1 year ago
Super cool concept!
User: XxBulldogIrishxX Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
It's so good! I added 0.50 of ws23 to make it cold like a shake and definitely went to 3 for the creme de menthe..such a perfect recipe thanks!!!
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